There Were A Freakin' Ton Of JDM-Ified GT-Rs At SEMA

Write up by Rick Jensen (Turboguy). Photos by Corey Davis (iMPREZiONS), Ryan Randels (ROCKYSDS), Joel Chan (PhotosWithJoel) and Kenta Young (YoungK).

There may have been more GT-Rs than players in Vegas during the week of SEMA. For those of you who have never been propositioned on the Strip, that’s a lot. Now, R35 Godzillas have been making SEMA their stomping grounds since around 2010—but the sheer number of these Japanese supercars at the 2014 show has ’em all beat.

And even better, many of SEMA’s GT-Rs wore innovative JDM styling. Bulletproof Automotive showed up with the 1,500-horse Kamikaze-R, GReddy and Garrett rocked a wildly winged machine, and of course Liberty Walk displayed its own amazing creations. Yep, these widebody GT-Rs were dropped and decked out in enough fenders, rivets and splitters to make the Bosozuku proud.

And since Revvolution spent the week tirelessly tracking down the best JDM-fied R35s on the show floor, we’re dedicating an entire story to SEMA’s stylish GT-Rs

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