Stick Shifts and Seat Belts: If Driver’s Ed Was Taught Like Sex Ed

What if Driver's Ed Was Taught Like Sex Ed?

Write up by Rick Jensen. Video by BuzzFeedVideo.

Remember sex ed in high school? That tediously awkward, disturbingly interesting class where mortified boys and girls learned the inner workings of dude junk and lady parts? Sure you do. It’s been over 20 years, but I can still remember a few things: like when I thought the see-through, T-shaped female anatomy diagram looked like a Dodge Ram logo. In hindsight, sex ed was the most embarrassing high school event that didn’t end with me saying "I swear that never happens!”

And much like my teenaged sexual encounters, BuzzFeed is usually hit or miss. But its recent vid, "If Driving Was Taught Like Sex Ed” nails it (pun intended). Here, the strangeness of a gym coach teaching sexytime combines with metaphoric stick handling and mom’s embarrassing "driver’s ed” interrogations to create comedy gold.

There’s the horrified looks as "coach” explains, "When you drive with somebody, it’s like driving with everyone they’ve ever driven with!” The "with a busted fender no one’s gonna want to drive with you,” slut-shaming and, of course, the girls looking at a "driving” magazine: "I had no idea that’s what it looked like on the inside. Gross!”

So to answer this most important of questions: if driver’s ed was taught like sex ed, I’d bet that ours would be a nation of ______________________.


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