Smack My Bull Up: Lease Locators' 202-MPH Evo 8 Cannibalizes an Aventador

Article by Rick Jensen (Turboguy). Video courtesy of TheBayAreaRacing.

Lambos are cray-cray fast as-is. And this being Revvolution, we usually feature Lambos with multiple turbos, a couple thousand horsepower and insane owners who make Afroduck look like the church lady.

This airstrip vid stays pretty close to those ideals. The sinister black Aventador is stock, and since it’s a Lease Locators machine, we’re pretty sure its pilot would give Afroduck a run for his bail money. However, this Lamborghini only pushes 720 ponies to the wheels—a relatively small fish at today’s shark-filled airstrip attack events.

And despite being from the same shop, the raging bull’s competition isn’t known for giving its challengers mercy; you’ve probably seen Lease Locators’ hypersonic Evo 8 looking evil at Corey Davis' photo shoot, and then making our list of the 10 Best Builds at Shift-S3ctor. But if you’ve been preoccupied with Sasha Grey or something for the last few months, here’s the deets: this Evo makes 50+ pounds of boost, 9,000+ rpm and 1,100 horses out of only 2.2 liters. And thanks to a recent fifth gear ratio change, it can crack 200 mph in the half-mile! Once you factor in the nearly 1,000-pound weight difference between the flyweight Evo and the porky Lambo, you have all the ingredients for a major butt whupping.

The race itself is pretty entertaining, as complete mismatches go. The Aventador screams, leaves hard and pulls out a huge lead as the Evo sits spooling up. But that all changes once the Evo launches—its boost spikes, its turbo howls and the 8 puts JDM foot to Italian ass. When it’s all said and done, the 165-mph Lambo’s loss is measured in bus lengths, and the Evo’s trap speed hits 202 mph!

Regardless of this amazing Evo’s power, walking away from a V-12 Lamborghini always makes for a great upset. Now, scroll down to the comments section and tell us about your favorite racing vid upset!


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