Revvolution's 10 Best Builds From Shift-S3ctor's Airstrip Attack 7

OB Prestige Auto Lamborghini

Article By Rick Jensen (Turboguy). Photography by Corey Davis (iMPREZiONS).

Airstrip attack racing has exploded in popularity in recent years, helping it become one of the most popular modern motorsports. Combining a stationary start with the crazy speeds of a half-mile drag race, airstrip attack racing pushes both man and machine to the very edge.

And the Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack events attract the crème of the ultra-high-performance crop: Italian, Japanese and German supercars are the norm, with a sprinkling of American ZR1s and Ford GTs to add flavor. At these events, budgets can run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and speeds can exceed 220 mph with ease. This is Shift-S3ctor’s #AirstripAttack

At 220 MPH you go hurdling off the tarmac into the dirt. What do you do?

Shift-S3ctor’s latest event took place on October 25-26. Airstrip Attack 7 brought the fastest cars in North America to the New Coalinga Municipal Airport in Coalinga, Calif., to do battle. And as with all battles, there were casualties: high-dollar engines were blown and big-buck egos were bruised. But several records were set in the process, and because there were no major incidents, everyone went home safely to prepare for the next high-speed event.

Revvolution was all over Airstrip Attack 7 covering the event, interviewing the drivers and photographing the cars. And we decided to choose our top 10 favorites from the weekend. With so much high-powered talent in attendance, it was tough picking only 10 Airstrip Attack cars. You’ll definitely see some ultra-fast machines in our list; however, not all of our choices were based on top speeds. We also chose vehicles that brought something special to the table—some are unique, some are showroom-fresh clean and others are just Jedi masters. 

So check out Revvolution’s 10 Best AA7 cars below, and agree, disagree or nominate your own favorites in the comments!

OB Prestige Auto Lamborghini

OB Prestige Auto Twin-Turbo Gallardo: 230.06 MPH

The OB Prestige Auto team just pushed their 2008 Lamborghini to a record-setting 230.06 mph half-mile run at SS3. This Heffner Performance-built Gallardo reaches "ludicrous speed” (name that movie) thanks to a fully built engine and a custom Heffner turbo kit. 

Canada-based OB Prestige took the reliability and maintenance lessons they learned with their red Lambo and applied them to this blue machine. The result? A durable, high-speed rocket that beat Underground Racing’s 2013 record, and ran three back-to-back record runs! Look for an in-depth feature on this impressive Lambo soon.

Vehicle: 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
Owner: OB Prestige Auto
Driver(s): Haig Kanadjian, Olivier Benloulou
Major Mods: Built engine, twin Heffner/Tial 76mm turbos, air-to-water intercoolers, Heffner intake manifold
Power: 2,000 + horsepower

Lease Locators Racing Evo 8: 202.15 MPH

When Austin Oakes came to English Racing a year ago, he told them that his goal was to go 200 mph in an Evo. Naturally, English said that he was crazy. But a year later, Austin has not only accomplished that goal, he’s set the world record for the Evo/Sedan.

His 2008 Evo MR was built by English Racing with an ultra-strong, forged bottom end: a good thing, as this mill revs to 9000+ rpm and inhales over 50psi boost. And, as with all of the Lease Locators Racing fleet, this car’s pearl paint job is absolutely immaculate—Austin likes to keep his cars in perfect condition and 100 percent clean throughout race days. They even have their own detailer on site. Slightly anal? Yes. Would smoke your ride in a heartbeat? Abso-frickin-lutely. Check out our full feature on this wicked-fast Evo.

Vehicle: 2003 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
Owner: Lease Locators Racing
Driver(s): Austin Oakes
Major Mods: Built by English Racing, 2.2-liter engine, custom twin-scroll Precision 7285 turbo, Extreme turbo systems 5-inch intercooler kit, Magnus V5 intake manifold
Power: 1,100 horsepower

Lease Locators Racing GTR: 223.88 MPH

Another Austin Oakes-driven, turbocharged monster. Another immaculately detailed LLR car. And this one owns a 223-mph, half-mile world record.

This 2014 GT-R wears an identical pearl paint job to the LLR Evo. And it’s the perfected end result of English Racing’s other GT-R, the "Silver Bullet,” which previously held the record. "The LLR GTR, LLR Evo and the LLR Supra—while different cars—were all built to match exactly,” Austin explains. "We set the standard with clean, show-quality rides with a few minor details that go a long way.” You know what else goes a long way: 1,800 horsepower on E98. Look for a full feature soon.
Vehicle: 2014 Nissan R35 GT-R
Owner: Lease Locators Racing
Driver(s): Austin Oakes
Major Mods: English Racing 4.1-liter aluminum-rod engine, ETS Super99 Little Hero Turbo Kit and race intercooler, Motec ECU
Power: 1,800 horsepower

Lease Locators Racing Integra GS-R: 186.7 MPH

Myles Kerr is an SS3 veteran and grassroots racing icon known for accomplishing unbelievable feats in the FWD class. His 800+ horse "Teggy” happens to be the world’s fastest in half-mile racing. And even though it has had issues, the Integra always shows up ready to race—and Kerr always takes the win in FWD. 

His badass ’94 Integra is untouchable right now, with a big reason being Myles’ hand-built aero components. Form meets true function with this ride—one that you really don’t want to challenge from a roll! Full feature on Myles' Teg here.

Vehicle: 1994 Acura Integra GS-R
Owner: Myles Kerr
Driver(s): Myles Kerr
Major Mods: English Racing-built blueprinted engine, forged rotating assembly, Mission Critical CNC-ported B16 head, Turbo T1 cams, Extreme Turbo Systems T3 6466 Forward Racing Turbo kit and intercooler
Power: 800+ horsepower

Cordes Performance Corvette ZR1: 184.7 MPH

Morris Malone brought a bona-fide American supercar to this gunfight. But unlike many entrants’ straightforward, single powered adders, this C6 ZR1 makes its thousand-plus horsepower the hard way: higher boost from the factory blower, with a heaping 250-shot helping of the go-juice. Ballsy.

The Cordes Performance team beats the snot outta this ZR1, both on-track and during street cruising back in the Pacific Northwest. So it’s no surprise that it’s a fan favorite. And the scary part? This missile made so much power that the triple-disc clutch was slipping (!), preventing an all-out run. Still, a 181-mph half-mile is damn impressive—learn more about this beast in our upcoming feature.

Vehicle: 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
Owner: Morris Malone / Cordes Performance
Driver(s): Morris Malone
Major Mods: 250-hp Nitrous Outlet juice and fuel system, ported factory supercharger and heads, Lingenfelter ported snout, custom cam, ECS methanol kit
Power: 1,110 horsepower

Weistec Black Series C63 AMG: 174 MPH

Weistec Engineering’s Black Series AMG is both aesthetically pleasing and hella sinister. Mods include a Stage 3 supercharger, long-tubes, higher-flowing Rest of World air boxes, and even a trunk-mounted ice tank for helping the intercooler cool more efficiently. And the Weistec Bullet Proof Trans makes sure to get all 750 or so horses to the ground safely.

It wasn’t the fastest among this elite company, but it’s a damn clean, near stock-appearing AMG. And the klaxon-like supercharger whine turned our heads every time.   

Vehicle: 2012 Mercedes-Benz Black Series C63 AMG
Owner: Weistec Engineering
Driver(s): Steve Atneyel
Major Mods: 3.0-liter, twin-screw Stage 3 supercharger, long-tube headers, ROW airboxes, trunk-mounted ice tank 
Power: 750 horsepower

Addiction Motorsports Ford GT: 199.1 MPH

With a nitroused, twin-turbo and oversized mill pushing out 1,800 horsepower, and consistent 190-mph trap speeds, you can see why this killer Ford GT is one of our all-time favorites. Armik Aghakhani’s ride is known as "Black Mamba,” but despite the intimidating name, it’s Armik’s attitude that helps make this one of our picks for Top 10.

Addiction Motorsports leans hard on the 5.8-liter engine—it wears a bigger cam, and two massive Precision 6768 turbochargers and a 170-horse shot. And while this machine is always a top-tier performer, its team is the perfect embodiment of SS3’s fun, friendly spirit. Check out the updated Red Bull livery—Red Bull gives you wings. 

Vehicle: 2006 Ford GT
Owner: Armik Aghakhani
Driver(s): Armik Aghakhani
Major Mods: 5.8-liter conversion, billet motor, twin Precision 6768 turbochargers 170 shot 
Power: 1,800 horsepower

King Kong 996 Twin Turbo: 205.10 MPH

There are a few reasons why we put this Porsche on our list—not the least of which is that this dude’s name is "King” Kong Chang.

But objectively speaking, Chang’s Turbo straight-up flies. It’s a 6-speed car that has been converted to 2WD, and it’s powered by e85 to boot. BBI Autosport built the 3.8-liter engine, and a custom turbo system pushed an enormous 35 pounds of boost on the 205-mph run. But not only did it have more left in it, the trans got stuck in gear. And damn, does it look fine. Porsches like this give us permawood.   

Vehicle: 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo
Owner: "King” Kong Chang
Driver(s): "King” Kong Chang
Major Mods: BBI Autosport-built 3.8-liter, custom turbo and fuel systems, Pro EFI engine management and traction control, 2WD conversion, runs on e85 
Power: 915 horsepower

The Jedi’s R35 GT-R: 174 MPH

Race notes from Randels: "Dean’s the frickin’ man. He’s a Jedi. He persuaded us to choose his car.” Folks, this is your brain on a sleepless race weekend.

But it’s not like you really have to be persuaded to like a 750-horse GT-R, is it? We love this clean R35 because it has the perfect stance, the perfect wheels and an AMS Performance Alpha 9 build/5150-Racing tune for maximum badassery.

But just like Luke got jacked up by Vader, missed out on top speeds, this GT-R did. But Dean didn’t care, and he thoroughly enjoyed his race weekend while putting down some quick runs. Who’s been mind-tricked now, bitches?

Vehicle: 2010 Nissan R35 GT-R
Owner: Dean "TheJedi” 
Driver(s): Dean "TheJedi” 
Major Mods: AMS Performance Alpha 9 build, tuned by 5150-Racing
Power: 750 horsepower

Eric’s RS7: 157.20 MPH

To give you an idea of just how serious new turbo Audis are with a couple of mods, we present Eric Aguilera’s RS7. It has a tune and an exhaust system. And it makes 750 horses. Holy crap.

Eric was probably pretty comfortable as his refined RS7 got up to its 157.20 top speed. Of course, the suspension was modded with an H&R lowering module, and stunning 21-inch ADV1 5.0CS wheels wearing Pirellis kept things drama-free. But it was the meticulous attention to detail that really sold us on this ride.

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re gonna go try to make three-quarters of a thou with a tune and exhaust. How do you completely close the wastegate again? 

Vehicle: 2014 Audi RS7
Owner: Eric Aguilera
Driver(s): Eric Aguilera
Major Mods: Built by TAG Motorsports with a GIAC ECU Upgrade and Akrapovic exhaust system
Power: 750 horsepower

So that’s our list. And the fact that we could have easily doubled it speaks to the quality of cars at AA7. Seeing one exotic on the road is great, but seeing a bunch of them all in one place is amazing. And unlike the guys who trailer their babies to shows and then trailer them home, airstrip attack guys hoon the hell outta their machines. But best of all, even though there were some very competitive entrants, AA7 was all about enjoying the cars and spending time with friends. It’s an amazing event that you should definitely check out! Check out our formal event coverage HERE.


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