Rally Car Does Triple Flip, Driver Sticks Landing Like a Boss

Write Up by Rick Jensen (Turboguy). Video courtesy of Pasi penttilä.

Ever done something so stupidly dangerous on four wheels that it nearly caused grievous vehicle and bodily harm, yet you miraculously ended up doing something even cooler? Of course you have. And that one friend who never gets to drive your car definitely has.

In my previous life at the car magazines, this happened so often we called it "going out to lunch.” The perpetrator was either a turbocharged Focus project car with a well-worked e-brake or some crapbox rental, and the crime took place on side roads and empty highways with orange construction barrels.

The goal was to perform the perfect 360-degree spin, and it took a combination of e-brake, steering and throttle, all while keeping eyes peeled for the N.J. State Police. We usually failed; the car took a beating and our insurance company hated us. But no tickets, bitches!

In this vid from the 2012 Neste Oil Rally Finland, WRC racer Craig Breen definitely takes a beating. But unlike our dumbasses, Mr. Breen isn’t actually trying to smash his expensive car into tiny little pieces. Thankfully there weren't any spectators near the crash.

Breen goes wide into a sweeping lefthander and slides off course, and then all hell breaks loose. The car rolls onto its top, then violently flips lengthwise three times, finally landing on its wheels like nothing happened. Sure, the hood and nose are crunched and the actuating wipers are straight-jacked, but it really doesn’t look too bad. Breen nonchalantly hops out and strolls off, his navigator following soon after.

The only thing missing from this obvious win is an exuberant, fist-pumping "Nailed it!” And while that’s not really easy with a mangled hand, -1 for not trying, geez.

Speaking of idiocy, what’s the dumbest, hairiest automotive maneuver that you tried, nearly failed, and then amazingly pulled off? Tell us in the comments!


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