No Competition: Myles' 800-HP 1994 Acura Integra GS-R by English Racing

Article by Robert Sixto. Photography by Corey Davis (Imprezions). Video by

We thought Myles might have been just another basic Honda fan. He talked of owning several Acura Integras over the years, drives a beat up old Civic with over 200,000 miles on it and had the audacity to think those "wrong wheel drive, torqueless wonders" could be competitive in many forms of motorsport. Myles has indeed had the nerve to use his Integras in road racing, autocross and drag racing. Boasting high horsepower numbers, while conveniently omitting torque numbers, all while trying to outrun/outrace vastly superior cars was clearly part of the basic Honda fanboy delusion that Myles was consumed by.

Of course, we say all this in jest, because it is clearly untrue, and because Myles has built an Integra that's far from basic and, in reality, quite badass. The truth is, when Acura released the Integra it pushed the limits of what a front drive car is capable of. Even compared to front-wheel drive machines of today, it is still one of the best handling and well-balanced. Myles is no stranger to this platform, and really has campaigned an Integra in various forms of competition, another testament to how good and versatile a platform the car is. The latest of Myles' endeavors is the 1994 GS-R that he picked up in 2006. This car is a bit of nostalgia for Myles as his first car, at just 16, was also a GS-R that he modified and tuned to a very respectable 450 hp. He ended up selling the car for a relocation move, but yearned to get back into the Integra realm. So several years older and wiser, he purchased a bone stock GS-R and started a ground-up build that has culminated in what’s presented before you. Myles takes pride in being able to say he really planned, built and realized his project car from start to finish. That is no easy task, especially when building a machine as extreme as this one, and something that not many can claim.

And what a finished product it is. Alright, so it's maybe not the prettiest thing around; this car is all business, and the focus is obviously on going fast and doing it with style. Myles is too busy driving the hell out of this thing to worry about perfect-show-car-looks. Along with the other monster builds in the English Racing/Lease Locator Racing stable, Myles and his Integra have been tearing up the half-mile events, pushing for higher and higher speeds. With his "Teggy” crushing egos left and right during TX2K14, our friends at put an international spotlight on Myles and his car, and he’s been the Interweb’s favorite FWD pioneer ever since. So when we saw him once again at last weekend's Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack 7 with the Lease Locators Racing team, we knew his own feature was due.

Although Honda/Acura cars have long been prominent at traditional quarter-mile drag events, the Integra does stand out as an oddball in the world of top speed half-mile racing. Myles has turned some heads, pushing over 180 mph and inching ever closer to 190 mph. It also gets attention when you outrun a Ferrari in an Acura Integra, something this car has done as well. More than you can afford pal, Ferrari.

So what makes it all possible? Precision. And a big turbo, of course! Obviously, it’s never quite that simple, and with small displacement engines, breathing is the biggest limiting factor to making big power. One can squeeze all kinds of boost into the engine, but unless it can breathe and control all of this air coming in and out, it really won’t be taking advantage of the boost to its fullest extent. Myles is no stranger to building Honda’s venerable B series engines and making power with them, and it is with this in mind he set out to build a cylinder head that could make the most power possible. Aside from the large turbo, extensive head work is key to making big power from a small package. In this case, a Mission Critical Performance CNC ported B16 head with oversized Ferrea valves is the starting point. GSC Power Division provides the upgraded valve springs and also a Turbo T1 cam that Myles says plays a critical role in achieving such incredible speeds in the half-mile. Another very trick modification is the ceramic-coated exhaust chamber; heat management is critical when pushing the limits of any engine and this is a small detail that can pay big dividends. Skunk2 components provide extra flow on the intake side with their Ultra 4.5 intake manifold and 90 mm throttle body, making it possible to inhale all 28psi of boost that this engine will typically see.

Air and breathing covered, now you need fuel, and providing that fuel in this case are four massive 2150cc fuel injectors from Fuel Injector Clinic. Not one but two Walbro 255lph fuel pumps run in parallel keep this little beast fed with E98 to send it screaming down the half-mile strip. Hondata was one of the earliest and best options for Honda owners seeking a standalone option to tune for big power; they’ve been around for decades constantly refining and improving, so it is no surprise Myles chose their S300 EMS to manage the combustible chaos happening inside his now fully forged internal B series engine. The combination has netted peak horsepower of 827 to the wheels, and about 480 ft/lbs of torque, truly impressive numbers coming from most any car, but even more so from a front wheel drive Honda.

So what comes next for Myles and his Integra? He is looking for more challengers for starters. Front drive cars are a rarity at the half-mile events this car has been dominating as of late. And higher speeds, of course, with an eye on 190 mph. In truth, Myles believes that number can be surpassed; it is just a matter of how brave or crazy Myles is feeling to push it to those speeds. If someone could step up and hand this Integra its first loss in class, it would be the extra push to get Myles to crack the 190 mph mark. A call out of sorts, yes indeed, but we do it in good fun. The reality is, Myles is a humble guy and really just loves this car and the pursuit of making it faster. It shows again the incredible work that Myles and the crew at English Racing is capable of: another impressive build.

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Fully blueprinted and machined by English Racing
Wiseco 10.5:1 compression pistons
Manley TT connecting rods
Integra Type R crankshaft
Golden Eagle sleeved 84mm block
ACL race bearings
Mission Critical Performance CNC ported B16 cylinder head
Ferrea Comp Plus .5mm oversize valves
Ceramic-coated exhaust chambers
GSC Power Division Turbo T1 camshafts
GSC Power Division valve springs
Skunk2 Ultra 4.5L intake manifold
Skunk2 90mm throttle body
Fuel Injector Clinic fuel rail
Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc injectors
Twin Walbro 255lph fuel pumps
Extreme Turbo Systems T3 6466 forward racing turbo kit
Extreme Turbo Systems 26”x12”x4” intercooler
Extreme Turbo Systems 3” intercooler piping
Hondata S300 V3 EMS
Hondata traction control
PLX individual EGT’s


AEM 50psi boost gauge
AEM wideband gauge
Autometer oil pressure gauge
Sparco steering wheel and NRG quick release hub
Sparco ERGO seats
4-point roll cage


Custom front splitter
Custom rear diffuser
Custom flat under body from bumper to trunk


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It was awesome to meet Myles in Colorado Springs. A real good dude. My son, Chase Jenson, had the other green Integra at the race and he did real well for the first time this car have ever been down the track. He had trap speeds of 178, 183, 184, and 185 which were pretty respectable for the car's first time out. Chase had some traction and tuning issues, but overall Myles had, the experience and two crazy passes of 190 and showed that experience won out this time over horsepower. This could develop into a real fun rivalry. Chase's brother, Cam, is finishing up another Honda that will challenge both of these guys. This is fun, and it should stay fun. When it's not, quit and go golfing........


Is the Integra going to Colorado Springs for the Airstrip Attack? There is going to be a 937 horsepower Integra there from Utah. Could be fun