Liberty Walk’s Lambo Destroys Vegas, Flambés Sock Puppet

LBLW Aventador Shoots Flames at SEMA 2014

Write up by Rick Jensen. Video by Ryan Randels. Photography by Randy Montgomery.

The Lamborghini Aventador has many unique features—700 horses, AWD, 2.9-seconds to 60—but its flame-spitting exhaust is one of the best. A $400,000 buy-in makes for one really expensive flamethrower, but that’s the price you pay to be the undisputed IRL and YouTube crowd favorite of supercars.

So what happens when Liberty Walk takes a fire-breathing Aventador and adds its own ultra-wide body kit, an Armytrix exhaust and some Forgiato rims? As the Revvolution crew found out, Forgiato’s booth at SEMA gets mobbed. And when the Aventador made a break for it with the mob in tow, we caught this baby blue ball of insanity banging off the limiter and threatening to flambé anything in range—including some goofball’s sock puppet. Flamezilla lives!


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