Lease Locators Racing GTR Runs 223.88 MPH and Sets Half-Mile Record at Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack 7

Article by Anthony Alaniz (Anthony_Alaniz). Photography by Corey Davis (iMPREZiONS). 

There are a few of us who will settle for nothing less than the best. Countless hours of dedication and mental instability are often poured into such endeavors, and few yield results like that of Austin Oakes, owner of Lease Locators Racing (LLR) and the notoriously fast LLRGTR. The car took home a title in October at Shift-S3ctor's Airstrip Attack 7 by Diamonds by Wire and OB Prestige by rocketing the half-mile at 223.88 mph (check out all our coverage).

Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack is where modified cars of various creeds and flavors come out all fast and Furious 7-like to see who can lay down the quickest half-mile time and straight-up roll racing in various classes at an airstrip in California. Talk about copious amounts of car porn

The Nissan GT-R has a capable and highly tunable offering, with numerous shops extracting massive amounts of horsepower from the V-6 mill and all-wheel-drive system. Some have tuned the machine into quarter-mile monsters, while others like LLR have aimed for the stratosphere, recently setting the GT-R half-mile record. 

LLR’s GT-R is quick and its performance capable; however, entrants like OB Prestige Auto's Lamborghini Gallardos prove to be worthy challengers. Though the LLRGTR hasn’t gone as fast as the Lambos in the same class, it won all the heads-up races at the event, claiming the title of overall roll race champion.  

The Lambos may currently have faster shifts and higher trap speeds, but the GT-R platform is extremely quick and has plenty of room to grow, and LLR, Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) and English Racing will be sure to capitalize on those advancements. There is just so much power potential, and extracting that potential seems to be the bread and butter of English Racing.  

Ugh, they do make it look so easy. 

It takes a knowledgeable and dedicated team to take a basic GT-R and develop it into something extraordinary and consistent. One cannot just clap their hands together and watch the magic happen. Hard work is… well, hard. 

To create the GT-R LLR that LLR wanted, they teamed up with English Racing and Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) to get the job done. LLR wanted to collaborate with a shop they could grow with, and they found that with English Racing and ETS after tasking English Racing to a 60-day build with the deadline set on TX2K14. They exceeded Oakes’ standards and the relationship has been nothing short of extraordinary ever since. 

LLR’s car is built with lessons learned from ETS' "Silver Bullet,” English Racing's research vehicle built upon a base-model GT-R. LLR built their monster off a Black Edition model, which is lighter coming from the factory, and has a few edition-specific carbon fiber components. While the Bullet was all about the go, LLR is about the show along with the go. 

Underneath the hood is an ETS Super99 Little Hero turbocharger kit that sits atop an English Racing-built, 4.1-liter, aluminum rod motor with ETS five-axis CNC heads with Serdi full-radius seat work, English Racing o-ringed heads, T1 Race Development breather system, Boost Logic intake manifold, dual injector setup and a pair of Greddy throttle bodies.

Those versed in math should surmise that the sum of these parts produce about 2,000 horsepower at all four wheels. 

An ETS five-inch intercooler kit keeps temperatures at acceptable levels, with three-inch piping and TIAL blow-off valves. Air is slurped in through four-inch ETS race intakes. All that air is then tossed out by way of an ETS y-pipe and titanium exhaust system, and English Racing 66-millimeter activated exhaust cutouts. 

Power is put down through the Shepherd Transmission Promax 12/12 Stage 5 tranny. Gears are from PPG, along with the rear and forward output shafts. Axels and rear axle stub hail from Driveshaft Shop. 

Going fast is, of course, just half the performance equation. When rocketing around the 200-mph mark, stopping safely is essential for those who enjoy the continuance of living. Brakes on the LLRGTR are carbon ceramic R35s and for flair, the calipers are painted candy apple red. 

Inside, the black interior looks decidedly evil, yet somehow still inviting. There is a full NHRA spec 8.50 certified chromoly cage, and carbon fiber seats with custom embroidered headrests from Tecnocraft and Simpson five-point harnesses. 

The rear seats have been replaced with Seibon Carbon fiber rear seat panels, because children don’t need to be going 200 mph.

What sets the LLRGTR apart from the competition is that, while it is a record-setting vehicle, it appears just a few notches above stock. The Pearl White paint and gloss-black wheels, lip and other purposeful aero, which are only accentuated by a blacked-out engine bay and interior, look amazing. Contrast is key to making a car look good and this GT-R is show-car quality, a goal of Oakes. 

At these speeds there are certain ways to get in the gas and use the steering wheel to adjust the car to keep it straight and from spinning out. The same goes for stopping at these speeds. You don’t just jab the brakes like a deer ran out in front of you. You have to adjust to cutting the power off and slowly getting into the brakes to scrub power until the right moment when you can go full deer-in-headlights and bring the baby back down. It takes a lot to drive these cars at the limit. Mentally stay in the gas and physically stay in shape. Easier said than done when one is traveling around the country racing. 

The sum of all these parts only comes together because of the level of dedication to one thing: details. When added up, they can create something truly one-off, something record setting, desirable and salacious at the same time. Put all the right parts together in a way that works in unison and you have the lascivious LLRGTR sitting in your garage.

For Oakes and his LLRGTR, the level of detail went to the extreme. There's not only a detailer on-site for all the LLR team events, working non-stop, but a high level of unseen cleanliness was adhered to during the build process. 

Gloves were worn, dirtied, removed, and new ones put back on when moving between dirty and oily bits of the car to cleaner aesthetics. What would take a couple of hours on any other car, took English Racing double the time, if not more. But it's in pursuit of perfection. And that's exactly what the LLRGTR is aiming for. 

This level of dedication and questioning of one’s sanity and marital status can only be handled by those who are seeking blood, whether it is from their competitors or an arbitrary number they have set their sites on. To win is the goal of many, but for Oakes and LLR, winning is just something that happens while in pursuit of perfection.

Going forward, LLR has a lot on its meticulously clean, shiny plate. The race team not only has the stunning LLRGTR, but they also have a handful of other performance builds like their 1,110 HP Evo 8, an assortment of other Evolutions, Myles' 800-hp Integra, Supras, an Aventador, Ferrari 458, and a rear-wheel-drive GT-R in the wings. In the words of Oakes himself, "Lease Locators Racing is just getting started.”


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