Lease Locators' 223-MPH GT-R Busts 8.3 Quarter Mile, Beats 8.0 Talon

Write Up by Rick Jensen (Turboguy). Video courtesy of ThatRacingChannel.

Lease Locators Racing’s insanely powerful GT-R ran a stunning, 223.88-mph half-mile at SS3—got that saved onto your speed-addled hard drive? Good, because there’s more. It looks like LLR has taken a page from AMS’ book of all-around GT-R badassery and decided to go whip some butt on the quarter mile too.

It all went down a couple weeks after SS3, at Maryland International Raceway. Seems that the half-mile-spec GT-R wanted a piece of Jeff Bush’s 1G Talon drag car. Both are LLR machines, and both are 7-second capable—so it came down to how good Austin Oakes and Jeff Bush were behind the wheel.

When the tree came down, the GT-R got a 3-tenths jump on the Talon at the light. A good thing too, as it only took the screamin’ Talon a few hundred feet to storm back and pass the GT-R!

But the GT-R’s top-end power couldn’t be denied and it finally reeled in the Talon for good. Even though Bush’s Talon had a quicker 8.07 ET at 170 mph, its lazy reaction time gave the GT-R the win with an 8.32 at 179 mph!

Now that the LLR GT-R has proven it can do anything, next on the list is to end the world’s wars, implement a 10-hour work week and stop your girlfriend from yapping during football. The GT-R is reportedly sweating about that last one…

What’s the most impressive part of LLR’s GT-R: the 223-mph top speed or the 8-second quarter-mile? Yap at us below.


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