In-Depth: Ben Pengson's Wicked Wide-Body Lotus Exige

Article by Anthony_Alaniz. Photography by Rod Chang (Speedhunters)

Lotus is one of those automotive manufactures that always seem to be in some sort of constant corporate skullduggery. A few years ago, the automaker previewed a slew of numerous new models—none of which came to fruition, unsurprisingly. On the outside, Lotus makes lightweight, exotic sports cars while having semi-successful Formula One teams. 

Founded on the idea of lightweight sports cars by Colin Chapman, the company has seen little progress in recent years. 

That does not mean the car company doesn’t have a following. It has legions of fans and aftermarket builders that tune the Toyota-sourced engine and build wicked body kits.

Take a look at Ben Pengson's Lotus Exige S that was recently featured on It has a wide-body kit, wicked wing and some other enhancements so it can stand out and not be mistaken for an electric Tesla Roadster. 

That wide-body rear kit is a one-off production from DTM Autobody. The massive rear wing is an APR GTC2K piece, with APR carbon racing conards, carbon front lip and spoiler, side skirts and racing mirrors. Other exterior goodies include a 3M star shield, Difflow racing diffuser and S111 front tow hook. 

For mechanical deliciousness, the engine is the factory supercharged Toyota-sourced 2ZZ 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, but breathes through a Larini Club Sport exhaust. Power is router through a proper six-speed manual transmission and LSD differential. 

The suspension is a Nitron Racing fully adjustable coilover suspension. That suspension connects to the road through BBS RS wheels wrapped in Falken Azenis RT615 tires. Inside the wheels is Pagid RS4-2 racing brake pads at the front and rear with DBA 4000 series slotted rear rotors.

Inside Pengson's Exige is a JVC navigation/stereo combination with a 10-inch JL sub. Drivers are strapped in with a Schroth four-point racing harness, NGR quick-release hub and an Alcatara-wrapped Sparco racing steering wheel. 

Pengson bought the supercharged Exige in 2011 after he finally had the financial means to do so. While he had planned to turn the car into a track machine, he is now taking it in a wickedly different direction.


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