HOONIGAN: Ken Block's Gymkhana 7 Wild on the Streets!

Ken Block's Hoonigan Gymkhana 7 Wild on the Streets of LA

Article by Rick Jensen. Video by TheHoonigans.

Allow me to be your hype man for one momentous online event that could "break the Internet.”

We’re yelling at the top of our lungs for Ken Block and his astounding new video, Gymkhana 7. While Mix-A-Lot’s wet dream is dropping trou and derping out brainless quotes like "They say I didn't have a talent... try balancing a champagne glass on your ass,” Ken Block is deftly whipping an 845-horse, all-wheel-drive, 1965 Mustang called Hoonicorn around Los Angeles’ many landmarks/obstacles.

And sweet Jesus, Gymkhana 7 has an amazing intro: Hoonicorn is chained up inside a warehouse, and not happy about it. She’s chomping at the bit, doing an all-wheel drive burnout completely covered in smoke. Then Block unhooks her, and unleashes this unholy machine onto L.A.’s streets.

Los Angeles has tons of great bridges and freeways, and Block goes over, under and through famous spots seen in movies like Grease. The city’s spread-out geography and wide streets give Gymkhana 7 more long, sweeping turns compared to some of the tighter obstacles in previous Gymkhana vids. But there are still some killer handbrake turns through tight neighborhood streets.

Gymkhana 7’s high points are when Block takes a seemingly boring section of real estate, and then raises the bar. On the dry riverbed under the Sixth Street Bridge—the location of Grease’s drag race—Block slides sideways on a steep, concrete slope, with the front wheels clawing for opposite-lock traction in the dry, and the rears kicking up water from the canal. Then he pays homage to the movie with a smoke-filled whip around the bridge supports where Danny Zuko’s ’48 Ford started putting the wood to Scorpions honcho Leo. So cool.

Block does donuts around the Randy’s Donuts shop, with cameras catching the action from inside the shop over… donuts. Genius. He screams through Chinatown, past the Bruce Lee statue. He speeds past L.A.’s towering skyscrapers, with the NASCAR-spec V-8’s howl amplified by miles of concrete and glass. And yes, Hoonicorn passes a police pursuit of a white Bronco, with Block doing a WTF-look. There are commuter-fantasy donuts around moving cop cars, multiple smoking 360s on normally perma-clogged freeways—and an up-close-and-personal interaction with a bouncing low rider that’s sheer madness!
I’ll be honest with you, I don’t really know, or need to know frankly, how good Block’s ass looks naked. But damn if this ain’t the sexiest vid on the web. Hey Kim—this is talent!

Is Gymkhana 7 the web’s all-time best automotive video? I’m starting to think so. Am I right or crazy? Hit the comments to let me know


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