Hoonicorn Revealed: Ken Block's 845 HP, AWD '65 Mustang

Article by Rick Jensen (Turboguy). Photos by Corey Davis (iMPREZiONS) and Randy Montgomery (RSubie). Videos courtesy of DC Shoes.

Master wheelman Ken Block has gone from a rally racer uploading gymkhana practices, to one of motorsport’s biggest stars. And here’s your first look at the highly modded 1965 Mustang set to take Gymkhana 7 to the next level. It’s called the Hoonicorn.

Hoonicorn, which made its debut in the Ford booth at SEMA, is a huge departure from Block’s previous rides: in the past he’d slide, spin and otherwise hoon modded cars like Subarus and Ford Focii. You know, all-wheel-drive rally cars that were built for such lunacy. First-gen Ford Mustangs are many things—iconic, beautiful, insanely popular—but they don’t exactly make natural gymkhana cars.

But that’s where Block, RTR and ASD Motorsports come in. Ken’s inspiration for the build came from WRC and DTM cars—and even the toy cars from his youth. Then, this notchback Stang spent two years at ASD’s Charlotte, N. C.-based shop, being transformed into a gymkhana monster.

The widebody Mustang wears RTR carbon fiber body panels, and ASD provided a fully tubular chassis, a custom cage, suspension mounts and door bars.

ASD also dropped in a race-prepped, 410-inch Roush/Yates Ford V-8 that wears individual throttle bodies. Its 845-horse, 720 pound-feet output goes into a one-off, 6-speed Sadev SC90-24 all-wheel-drive trans (that's right, AWD) with a hydraulic handbrake system.

Further providing Block with precise control is a custom ASD suspension, 18x10.5-inch, 3-piece fifteen 52 R40 rims, and 295/30/18 Pirelli Trofeo Rs with a compound custom formulated for Block himself. Hoonicorn’s killer rims, extreme aero mods and Mad Max-inspired scoop sure have the look of a gymkhana killer. But we’ll have to wait until the highly anticipated Gymkhana 7 to see how she handles!

Do you think the Hoonicorn Mustang will help make Gymkhana 7 the most popular Block vid ever—surpassing the wildly successful Gymkhana 5’s 68 million views? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


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