Gymkhana Seven’s Ken Block Scares Chris Harris Quiet (Seriously)

Ken Block Scares Chris Harris in the Hoonicorn 1965 Mustang 845 HP Gymkhana Mobile

Write up by Rick Jensen. Video by TheDaveVTEC.

Companies are always searching for the best way to present their products to you, the customer. And one of the best ways is to put you in the driver’s seat, metaphorically speaking, and let you see for yourself how great the product is.

Tire-burning wheel turner Ken Block has a pretty successful company: he’s a champion-level racer, and his pioneering Gymkhana videos have racked up an astounding 243 million hits on YouTube. His latest, Gymkhana Seven, got seven million views. In one day. This, it seems, is a man who knows how to advertise his business.

Indeed, in the lead-up to Gymkhana Seven, Block fanned the flaming tire smoke by taking oddly accented Chris Harris for a spin. Not a metaphorical spin, a literal spin. And while Harris was in Hoonicorn’s passenger seat, I think he got a pretty good idea about how great Block’s product is.

Harris, as you probably know, recently left the wildly popular DRIVE to start his own Chris Harris On Cars project. And he looked like a man wearing many different hats during this ride—as Block warmed Hoonicorn up, Chris calmly adjusted his rig-mounted video camera. Then Block revved the 845-horse V-8 up, launched, and Harris spent the remaining minute or so digging his head out of the headrest, then making dumbfounded, scared faces at the camera while his body dealt with massive g-forces. The last time we saw this dude this quiet, he was in the driver’s seat of a McLaren P1—consider him sold!

We kid Harris about his accent, but he’s one of the best auto journalists out there. You’ve probably seen his driving reviews—which one do you think is his best? Tell us below.


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