Fury on Pikes Peak: A Sasquatch Versus Danny George Drift Chase

Article by Travis Wolcott (SalfaRomeaab). Video courtesy of Hankook Tire USA.

Motorsports and Sasquatch. When you think of one, the other immediately comes to mind. The two have been joined at the hip literally since this documentary shattered our understanding of the legendary hairy monster. Sasquatch is real, he can drift and he's after Danny George.

Who's Danny George? Danny is our hero on a quest to compete at the second oldest motorsports event in the United States: the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The video starts with a dire warning from a passer-by to watch out for the dangers of the mountain.

Our Danny isn't afraid of Sasquatch, or he doesn’t believe. At first. During a run up the mountain in his Miata, he catches a glimpse of the two monsters determined to torment him. It starts to mess with his head. His competitors think he's crazy, and he tries to put it in the back of his mind and focus on the task at hand. The mountain alone is a worthy adversary. Only a man with nerves of steel could possibly hope to overcome the 14,110-feet-peak and the wrath of anything with feet that big.

As he sets off, his nemeses spring into action uncovering their chase vehicle, a drift prepped 240SX Coupe. It's a widely believed fact that a Sasquatch helped develop chassis settings for Nissan in the '90s. Quickly they slide their way past Danny, throwing a stick large enough to completely disable his V8 Miata. Even his protective suit and helmet are no match for the Sasquatch's overwhelming physical strength. They run him down and drag him into the woods. Never to be heard from again. This all really happened.

You will be missed Danny George. Whoever you are.


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