Extreme Turbo Systems GT-R Loses it at 220 MPH at Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack 7

Write up by Anthony Alaniz (Anthony_Alaniz). Video by Extreme Turbo Systems.

Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack 7 (check out all our coverage) has to be one of the most exciting showings yet of half-mile juggernauts, with records being broken and pants righteously ruined.

The Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) GT-R, wheeled by Lucas English from English Racing, displayed the importance of functional deck-lid wings after breaking 220 mph and ending up in the dirt—though safe.

So many things could have gone horribly wrong, flying off the tarmac at that speed into uneven, unkempt terrain.
When you watch the frightening video, you’ll notice the rear wing was removed. It was done to reduce drag. In normal circumstances, wings and canards and lips and diffusers on most everyday cars have little to no effect other than wicked style. At 200 mph, those bits become essential. When the wing was removed, the chute wouldn’t deploy. English knew right away something wasn’t right just by how squirrely the car felt.

After the GT-R slipped across the finish line, the video shows the car losing grip, spinning it off the runway. It spins a few times before coming to rest. There’s no large-scale, noticeable damage as the car is driven back. Moreover, English did seem in good enough spirits considering the mild coronary he’d likely just experienced. Not only that, but the English Racing/Lease Locators Racing team spent the rest of the night putting her back together, for some more high-speed runs the very next day.

While these types of events are designed for ultimate speed and safety, there is still an inherent danger. The ETS GT-R wreck is just an example of what happens when a wreck goes well—if there is such a thing—but also a stark reminder that, at the speeds these cars are playing at, things can go wrong in a heartbeat.

What condition would your pants be in after experiencing a spinout like this one?


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