Dear God, That Wing: Fly GTAC/Toyo R35 GT-R Spotted At SEMA

Write up by Rick Jensen. Photography by Kenta Young.

Wildly styled JDM GT-Rs came out in force at this year’s SEMA show. And when our intrepid shooters came across this stunning machine in an outdoor Toyo Tires exhibit, we knew we had to yell you about it.

GT Auto Concepts is a Redwood City, California-based builder that installs really, really ridiculously good mods to really, really ridiculously high-end rides. For this 2009 GT-R, GTAC went with a striking gold and blue color combo; its vibrant blue hue accentuates the stock body lines, as well as the exaggerated Rocket Bunny aero pieces. Riveted fenders, a custom front bumper and an aggressive rear bumper add wide-body muscle to the svelte R35’s figure.

With an ultra high-end JRZ RS Pro suspension providing the perfect stance, the gold, dual 5-spoke RYFT's absolutely set it off, wrapped in ultra-sticky 285/35ZR20 Toyo Proxes R888s in the front and 315/30/ZR20s in the rear.

High-end carbon composite Craft Square mirrors (which take nearly half a year to create, by the way) perfectly complement the bumper lips, Nismo side skirts and that notorious carbon-look Rocket Bunny FRP rear wing. All in all, it’s a diverse and unique exterior.

And the interior benefits from several performance upgrades, too: a Nismo roll cage increases body rigidity to handle the insane g-forces, while Nismo racing seats handle the human rag dolls who dare to push this thing to the limit. Finally, an AMS Performance package works in concert with a custom FFTEC side exit exhaust system to add even more ponies to this supercar killer.

Among the seemingly hundreds of GT-Rs that found their way to the SEMA showroom floor, we chose this one for a reason, and it’s all in the details.

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Build at a Glance

2009 Nissan GT-R

AMS Performance Alpha Package
Custom FFTEC Side Exit Exhaust

JRZ RS Pro Suspension
RYFT Design Wheels
Toyo Proxes R888 285/35ZR20 Front, 315/30ZR20 Rear

Rocket Bunny Aero Kit
Nismo Racing Side Skirts
Custom Front Bumper
Craft Square Mirrors

Nismo Racing Seats
Nismo Roll Cage
Nismo Steering Wheel

But that’s just our opinion—has the GT-R community gone a little overboard with the whole JDM movement?


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