Cadillac CTS-V Breaks Own Record and Runs an 8-Second Quarter Mile

Write up by Anthony Alaniz (Anthony_Alaniz). Video courtesy of ThatRacingChannel.

They say that records are meant to be broken; however, they are often not broken by the same people who set them. Except in the case of the Cadillac CTS-V we recently drooled over. In that video, the V-Series Caddy ran a 9.157 quarter mile at 152 mph. It then backed up its blistering 9.191 run. Impressive stuff. Granted, we still attest that it would be better with the wagon, but we digress.

The bigger news here is that the record has already been broken—by the same guy. While the previous runs were impressive enough, the latest numbers make it an 8-second Cadillac. You can watch the first run, and if you notice a billow of smoke it was from a broken dipstick that couldn't handle all of the Cadillac's awesomeness. It ran an 8.797-second quarter mile at 155.69 mph.

Its next run was a still-impressive 8.987 at 156.66 mph. The third run, even in the 9-second range, was still jaw dropping. The Cadillac ran a 9.870 at 142.43 mph with only the blower sans nitrous. The Cadillac has a built motor and a 150 shot of nitrous. Details are just as scarce about the car as they were in the last video, which then listed the blower pushing 15-psi. The supercharger is factory, though ported and the super sedan is still carrying its full factory weight.

What will we see next? Hopefully they can find a bit more power in the LSA engine and slip into the 7-second bracket. Would this be a Cadillac you would finally drive?


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