Bikers Go All Grand Theft Auto and Get a Five-Star Wanted Level

Philadelphia Bikers Go All Grand Theft Auto and Get a Five-Star Wanted Level

Write up by Anthony Alaniz (Anthony_Alaniz). Video courtesy of Sitdown Steve.

Video games are often an escape. A chance to sit back, enjoy an adult beverage or two with a friend and get your ass handed to you by an 11-year-old in Orange County. Rarely do we ever want to live out our digital fantasies. The risks are great. The reward likely a stint in state prison with a man named Bud. Not exactly the life many of us seek.

But a recent video has a group of bikers going all Grand Theft Auto on the streets of Philadelphia. How do we know it’s Philly? The group of fleeing bikers perch under the same bridge a group of street racers did in a video from over a year ago.

Apparently, the City of Brotherly Love and those who enjoy petrol don’t get along well.

According to the video description, the group of bikers intentionally provokes the police by performing stunts on public streets and highways. They then run to see if they can get away, which a majority of them do.

Not the brightest idea, but the video footage is insane. It’s like first-person GTA. The bikers zig down alleyways and zag in front of cops inches form their rear tires as they blatantly beg the cops to chase them.

They have some cojones.

The best part of the video—and of course we do not condone their actions—is when they squeeze through some sort of pedestrian tunnel under a street to further evade the police. That is straight out of video games and totally in real life.

However, one has to wonder, how many of you have tried to run from the cops? We will invoke our Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.


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