Backflip Fails and We Go Along for the Ride

Write up by Anthony Alaniz (Anthony_Alaniz). Video courtesy of BustedKnucklesVideo.

Few of us will ever get to experience the ferocity of an insane four-wheeled crash, but with the advent of Go-Pros and the ambition of people whose insanity far outweighs our own, we can see what one is like.

Take the flipping Mad Maxx Mega Truck that attempted a back flip and failed, gloriously. Just to be clear, the driver walked away unharmed, which is what we always want in these situations.

The driver—poor guy—gooses the engine as he climbs the incline, only to not give it enough power, awkwardly bouncing off the semi-truck trailer like a 16-year-boy bouncing off his girlfriend’s leg.

He didn’t have enough oomph to finish.

The truck flips and nosedives into the dirt before coming to a rest.

What’s best when watching the video is trying to judge the moment when the driver begins to question the life choices that led him to this point, in a truck flipping backwards and hurtling towards the ground.

It’s a moment many of us find ourselves in, really.

When the truck hits, it hits hard, flinging his bro glasses off his face. Either way, it looked like it hurt.

Would you climb in after him and try a backflip for yourself? If it were up to us, we probably would. Maybe.


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