Wekfest Does Houston 2014

Write up by Kenta Young (YoungK). Photography by Joel Chan (Photos With Joel | Vossen Wheels | EVS Motors)

Most of us have trouble waking up in the morning, but it is quite the opposite when it comes to the morning of a car show, and even more so on a morning of Wekfest. With shows in San Francisco, Honolulu, LA, Chicago and more, Wekfest is definitely one of the most popular shows in the U.S. Those who know of Wekfest know that it is truly one of a kind. The biggest names, craziest builds and the cleanest cars show up in force, and the most recent stop of the USA tour in Houston was no different. When I use the adjectives biggest, craziest and cleanest, I mean it. Most of these cars have engine bays that are cleaner than your dinner plates. As much as I can try to use adjectives to describe the awesomeness that is Wekfest, photos will do the job a hell of a lot better. Luckily, our boy Joel Chan was on the ground shooting with Vossen Wheels and (as you’ll come to see in the photos below) got some badass coverage.


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