The LBLW Aventador Shooting Flames! Can You Smell What Liberty Walk is Cooking?

Liberty Walk Aventador Shoots Flames

Write-up by Anthony Alaniz. Video by Shmee150 and Liberty Walk.

Do you smell chicken? Well, you could if you placed a succulent, fatty specimen behind the exhaust of Liberty Walk’s new Italian Menace. You would have a piece of chicken cooked to perfection, though it would probably taste a little like exhaust fumes. Well, sacrifices in life do have to be made.

The car in questions is a hopped-up Aventador in a light blue hue with all the hallmarks of a Liberty Walk car. We’ve already highlighted the car during a preview piece, but the latest, and quite excruciatingly short, video shows the car in its sweet, sweet metal.

Not only does this car sound like the wailing cries of all other aftermarket Lamborghini tuners in the world in agonizing pain, it also shoots fire and sparks for added pizzazz and wow factor.

Everything is here that you would expect from a Liberty Walk product. Massive rear wing, check. Wicked paint scheme, yup. Ridiculously wide fender flares that harken back to what the company has been about since day one? Oh, hell yes.

This is a Lamborghini that has been transported from one era to another and back again with precision excellence. This is what makes looking at a Liberty Walk product so damn amazing. It is polarizing—and while it won’t be everyone’s cup of hot tea, they can go off crying lawsuit when they spill it all down their pants because they didn’t expect it to be hot.

We only have a few short weeks before SEMA is crammed down our throats with more industry action than we can aim a camera at, but you can bet your life we will be all over the Liberty Walk Aventador, because who wouldn’t want to be on top of that?



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