The Gatebil Spirit 2014: Insane Drift Party Done Right

The Gatebil Spirit 2014: Top 5 Events. Ever.

Article by Kenta Young. Video by Niceride & Shutterspeed.

Everyone has a bucket list of things they want to do in their life. Some people want to climb Mt. Everest, others want to travel the world. For gearheads like us, we dream of building our perfect car or attending something like Gatebil. If you haven’t heard of Gatebil, the intro of this video sums it up quite well.

"Imagine you were on one of the greatest tracks in the world. A huge crowd of car enthusiasts and some of the craziest car builds ever seen. The best drivers from all over the world… all in place at the same time.”

Held on Norway’s oldest asphalt racetrack, the Rudskogen, Gatebil is everything you want in an event and more. It is a three-day festival chockfull of insane cars, top-notch driving and, you can’t forget the girls and parties. All of this makes the event attract people like us from all over the world, and for good reason too. For example, you have some of the world’s most talented drivers like Fredric Aasbø and Mad Mike slaying tires while they throw triple digit initiations, getting as close to the wall as possible. Keep in mind that it isn’t uncommon to see 50+ drivers on the track at the same time. Talk about a good time. But if drifting isn’t your cup of tea there is plenty else for your enjoyment. There are grip sessions, a big car show, concerts, camping and the works. But one of the best things about Gatebil is that it isn’t just for professionals. Though you may be a bit out of place with a car with less than 1,000 hp, as long as you have a license and a car, you can drive at Gatebil. This video captures what Gatebil is all about, and if you aren’t convinced you need to go to Gatebil, you sure will be by the end of video.

Gatebil hits the core of everything that is It’s the builds, the speed, the sounds and smells, but most of all it’s the passion. If Gatebil is even just a fraction of what is portrayed in the video, count us in. I am sure I speak for all of #TeamRevv when I say that Gatebil is topping our bucket lists. Forget the "normal” bucket list items, we want Gatebil.


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