Stance Done Right: Herb's Evo X Cruising on Vossen Wheels

Herb's Evo X

Article by Robert Sixto (Six). Video by Mike K Media.

Mike K has been putting out some pretty fantastic automotive content on Youtube for some time now, and we thought this latest video was particularly well done.

It seems no great project car is complete these days without a slickly produced video showing off the endless late nights of wrenching and sometimes months or years of hard work and sacrifice to mold a car into the vision of its owner. This particular video perhaps captures that best; the pride one has in a completed project car.

In this case, Herb, the proud owner who the video opens with, clearly has put a lot of thought and effort into his build. Details are short, but it seems to be a relatively modest, homegrown effort, and not necessarily a heavily sponsored, budget build. That’s what makes the video fantastic; the way it is shot and the choice of music make for such a dramatic presentation for a car that seems attainable and accessible. Herb has done a great job too, from the choice of kit to the wonderfully powdercoated intercooler color matched to the wheels setting off the whole package just right. The overall look is "stance” done right; big wheels, small sidewalls, flush fitment and ground clearance seemingly equal to cylinder head valve clearances, measured in ten thousandths of an inch. You even get a glimpse, mid-video, of a bumper adjustment – the struggle is real! It’s a video that well captures the spirit behind why we modify cars, the individuality and, most important, the pride in ownership.

I think anyone among us who has toiled through building a car can attest to how amazing it would be to see the fruits of our labor displayed in a short video piece like this. Herb can be proud, and he clearly is. He’s put together an Evo that looks good and uniquely his own. Mike K can be proud, too. He clearly has an eye for shooting the modified lifestyle. This video is just one of many gorgeously shot automotive offerings, and we highly recommend you check out his channel for more like it.


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