Seeing is Believing: An Awesome Euro AMG with a JDM Body Kit

Article by Rick Jensen (Turboguy). Photos courtesy of Speedhunters.

Ah, the ever-popular "throwing a huge wing onto a car that was never designed with one” mod. This time-honored tradition has been around since hot rodding’s early days. But back in the ’50s, when Biff bolted some wooden horror show to his flathead coupe, they thankfully didn’t have smartphones to take any pics, or forums to make fun of them in. But they sure did in the early years of the import movement, when JC Whitney wings in Walmart parking lots made them the cautionary tales of the automotive world.

So if I just told you that someone screwed a wing and other body mods onto a Mercedes hatchback—the fugly steeds of Connecticut Stepford wives—you’d probably groan. But two things: one, this isn’t some bloated, American-market Mercedes wagon—it’s an A 45 AMG. And two, it’s not some slapdash body kit—it’s one of Japan-based Varis’ own project cars.

The kit includes a cooling bonnet hood, front spoiler, extension lip and ducting, side diffusers, a rear underskirt and under flippers. And of course, the wing, which looks pretty freakin’ sweet on this curvy hatch. The Varis team topped it off with killer Rays wheels, and in doing so, created one of the nicest, meanest hot hatches in memory. Our guess is that there will be plenty of photos and lots of forum discussion—the good kind—on this JDM’d Benz as well.

The Varis crew may be onto something here. Tell us about the coolest mix of Euro and JDM you’ve ever seen in the comments!  

Check out the Speedhunters article here.


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