Rolling and Puffing-Diesel Mega Truck Does Both

Rolling and Puffing—Diesel Mega Truck Does Both

Write up by Anthony Alaniz (Anthony_Alaniz). Video by BustedKnuckleVideo.

Today’s youngins are into a lot of crazy fads and frenzies. Things many of us don’t, and likely will never, fully understand. "Rolling coal” is the new, hip thing in the destructo-diesel scene—a mild upgrade from the oil burners of yesterday, which have really come a long way in design, efficiency and power.

The only thing I recall rolling back in my day would have only nabbed me a $5 fine in Ann Arbor, and then I would be on my merry way, in more ways than one. But that is neither here nor there.

Those who are in the habit of rolling coal have taken things to the extreme, sporting large smoke stacks reminiscent of semis that puff, puff, puff the black magic drago.

BustedKnuckleVideo has delivered to us a very exciting clip of a machine bred from the depths of the diesel hideout—a Duramax Mega Truck, which not only sports the engine in the center of the vehicle, behind the driver in the second row seats, but is aided in power delivery with twin superchargers.

The heavily modified Silverado is toeing a very thin line in regard to what is and is not a certified Monster Truck. While it isn’t really one, per se, it is damn close. The truck made its sooty debut at the Mud Truck Madness during the Mega Truck Series All Star Race.

Yes, there is such an event and it is beautiful.

Inside, the truck has been gutted, though it does sport two racing seats if there is ever a willing passenger who yearns to climb inside. There is a full rollcage as well, obviously. The truck rides on massive tries and the design of the body—modified front bumper, no rear tailgate or bumper, engine in the center—looks like it was pulled off an infant monster truck. As such, it does perform like one.

So here's the real question: Is rolling coal a fad that needs to go ”up in smoke,” or are we all cool with blacking out the skies like a total eclipse?


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