Ringbrothers Preparing 980-Horse, LS7-powered "Recoil" '66 Chevelle for SEMA

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Ringbrothers—also known as Wisconsin-area brothers Mike and Jim Ring—are preparing a mean 1966 Chevelle for the 2014 SEMA show.

These street machine builders are known for taking an ultramodern view of the ultra-hot restomod scene. Last year, their 2013 SEMA "ADRNLN” De Tomaso Pantera featured an LS3 pushing 600 ponies, and a body that mesmerized the tired, sore and hungover SEMA attendees. It seems like every new Ringbrothers build adds more buzz to the auto world.

With SEMA just around the corner, Ringbrothers is no doubt thrashing to get the ’66 Chevelle dubbed "Recoil” out to Vegas for the big trade show. While details are scarce, expect the exterior to be a mix of classic Chevelle style and modern body tweaks. And also look for the same massive wheels and tires, upgraded suspension and billet accoutrements Ringbrothers is known for.

And while these guys have built some insane projects in the past—the 740 hp, ’65 Mustang "Producer” comes to mind—the Chevelle will be on a whole new level.

According to, Ringbrothers will be dropping in a modified version of the previous-generation Corvette Z06’s LS7 engine. Normally a high-compression N/A mill, this LS7 will be prepped for big boost from a Whipple supercharger to make almost 500 extra horses. That’ll mean they’re trying to squeeze just south of 1,000 ponies from this engine!

While the only other details include a custom Flowmaster exhaust system and custom forged HRE rims, "Recoil” may be one of the baddest rides at the always-crazy SEMA show. Look for it at the Royal Purple booth on the exhibit floor, and for God’s sake, try to get some sleep, willya? We’ll let you know if we hear more!


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