Restomod 1970 Pontiac Firebird Makes Me Wish I Had a Mullet

Article by Anthony Alaniz (Anthony_Alaniz). Photos from eGarage.

In the excess world of automotive auctions and people who have too much damn money, few things get my cylinders firing like a well-done, unique Restomod. Oh, boy.

We all play the imaginary game of what if from time to time. It’s fun. It occupies our petrol-focused minds when we can dream about what we would do if we had an expendable income fit for a Saudi oil king. Now, to have such income would warrant something one-off—something no one else has.

A gold-plated toilet? That’s been done—in excess. A gold-plated car? Totally old news. There’s seventeen different Veyron editions that are done in gold. Talk about having the Midas touch. The experts say that things in drab clothing usually hold a host of surprises. So, would a 1,200-horsepower 1970 Pontiac Firebird rolling across the auction block make you take a second look?

Well, someone took that double take at a recent Mecum Auction and dropped almost $90,000 on the muscle car. I’d like to imagine that the new owner whipped out his wallet and counted out the 90 $1,000 bills like a boss. But, of course, dropping that much doesn’t mean one got a rag-tag, hobbled together muscle car of assorted performance parts, but something truly special. 

This restomod Firebird is powered by twin 66-millimeter turbochargers bolted onto a 420-cubic-inch Pontiac V-8 that’s been bored to a respectable 4.25 inches. The engine has custom billet Visner intake manifold, air-to-air intercooler, stainless steel headers, and Comp Cams with custom hydraulic rollers—just a few of the laundry list of parts. 

Other goodies include a Detroit Speed rear 4-link with sway bar, custom fab steel aero package, custom Forgiato Ritorno wheels, QA1 front coilovers, Wilwood disc brakes and Detroit TrueTrac limited-slip differential. So much goodness. 

The interior has Corbeau Racing seats with five point belts, though remains decidedly retro in look and feel—a comfortable place one would happily spend hours upon hours and miles upon miles on when cruising the open road. 

What sets this car apart is its menacing color combination, which is really only one car-black. On top of black. With more black just for safe measure. The car simply looks mean, yet the quality of the blacks used on and throughout the car appears elegant. 

While we will be searching desperately for pennies in our couch to attend such an auction, we can give the new owner a tip o’ the hat on a car well found.   

For more specs and info check out eGarage's feature of this Pontiac Firebird.


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