Liberty Walk Penang's GT-R Teaser Is the Best Vid You'll See Today

Liberty Walk Penang's GT-R Teaser

Write-up by Rick Jensen. Video by ARMYTRIX.

Remember back in the Web’s medieval ages, when aftermarket companies used to release a few hastily done photos of a new project car? When they’d include a tiny bit of unreadable info, on a hot mess of a website that looked like an old Geocities page? The horror.

No, nothing? Lucky you. Because it usually took seeing the damn thing in person to really understand everything they’d done.

Well, ARMYTRIX recently shared a video that’s about as far away from those digital baby steps as possible. (As an aside, their website is insanely good: the intro vid is of a stanced-out Aventador spitting fire through its valvetronic exhaust, then screaming off toward SEMA. I laughed, I cried, it became a part of me.)

And this two-minute GT-R piece from Liberty Walk LB Performance Penang is cool enough to be a professionally done music video. Set to the mesmerizing "Jericho” by Zeds Dead, it starts with some extreme close-ups of the first GT-R in Malaysia to be modded by them. The white GT-R wears a Liberty Walk wide body kit, huge flares, Airrex suspension, killer rims and, of course, an F1 ARMYTRIX valvetronic exhaust. As Zeds Dead plays "walls come tumbling down,” the story follows the GT-R doing some undulating air suspension action, then rolling over a futuristic-looking bridge in Malaysia. It wraps up with a quick cameo of what’s assumed to be the GT-R’s builders.

Every performance aftermarket company tries to get as much exposure as possible, especially before the auto world converges on SEMA. Liberty Walk LP Performance and ARMYTRIX have pretty much nailed it here, and the competition would do well to follow in their footsteps!


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