Klassen's Viano Van is an Ultra-Luxury Jet on Wheels

KLASSEN Luxury Van

Article by Rick Jensen. Video from Klassen Car.

The luxury coach business is booming. Discerning millionaires might chopper to work and take NetJets through flyover states, but nothing beats a tall, long-wheelbase coach for those short trips. Klassen, a luxury coachbuilder from Germany, knows this, and they’re very good at turning everyday transportation into ridiculously luxurious rolling VIP lounges.

KLASSEN Car Design Tech Vlano VIP Limousin Luxus Van

This video demonstrates how they transform a standard, eight-person Mercedes-Benz Viano van into a Klassen Business Luxury Van. That extra long wheelbase generates additional room—and lemme tell you, Klassen needs it. Because when the side door opens to reveal the world’s nicest rolling living room, the installed options are more in line with what you’d find on a Gulfstream.

Let’s start with the chairs, as keeping your moneyed butt comfortable is kinda a main selling point. These cushy seats are available in Luxury or VIP Luxury single seats (we bourgeois call them captain’s chairs), or Luxury Seat Benches. Comfort options include footrests, heating, ventilation, and massage functions, fold-down tables, reading lamps, an umbrella holder and drawers with optional electronic controls (because who wants to expend the energy to pull drawers out). I suppose I could slum in these things for a few hours…

Next up are several ceiling designs and their "elegant lighting” setups. This one’s a no-brainer: I mean, who in their right mind would choose a basic sliding glass sunroof when a multi-panel Daylight Ceiling or Plane Ceiling is available? But not to worry: even cheapos with the dimly lit base ceiling can get extra light from the adjustable make-up mirror. And with lots of dudes in a small space, the ceiling venting system is a great idea.

KLASSEN Car Design Tech Vlano VIP Limousin Luxus Van Image 2

Okay, so there are a few comfortable places to sit, and enough light to see what’s going on. Time to get our drink on: riders trying to look halfway responsible can reach for the Nespresso coffee machine; sloppy drunks (Klassen sells a lot of these in Russia) can raid the built-in bars and, with the rotating champagne glass holder, look cool doing it. There’s also a water heater for afternoon tea, because you know, everybody loves tea.

Gonna gloss over the biometric safe, the curtains/shutters for the windows and the humidors and tissue boxes for the seats now because the really amazing aspect of the Klassen Business Luxury Van is its entertainment options. An LG 32-inch, 3D Smart LED TV is installed in the partition wall with up to a 5.1 surround sound system, and there’s an Alpine Mobile Media Station/DVD player. Further options include a folding, 15-inch TV, DTV receiver, PlayStation, front and rear cameras with night vision, Apple TV, Wi-Fi and a split-screen system to watch up to four things at once. And you control everything from the climate control to the coffee maker via a built-in touchscreen (or iPad/iPhone) control. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?

If this Luxo Van doesn’t have it, you don’t need it. And since it costs a ton, if you don’t have it, you can’t flaunt it. Which is what you really should do in one of these. While drinking tea.

The official KLASSEN Car Design Technology VIP Luxury Van Release Video


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