King of the World: AMS's 7.70s Alpha Omega GT-R Dominates Quarter- and Half-Mile Racing

Article by Rick Jensen. Images and video by AMS Performance.

AMS Performance’s street-legal Alpha Omega GT-R just pulled off one of the most impressive feats in automotive history: running the quarter-mile in a world-record 7.70 ET, and winning a half-mile event with a stunning 201-mph trap speed.

Last week, we reported on Alpha Omega’s dominating performance at the Texas Invitational’s top-tier King Of The Streets event. The 2,000-plus horsepower GT-R cut through a field of high-powered supercars—including three 2,000-horse Lambos. Alpha Omega only had one close race, and posted a moonshot half-mile speed of 201 miles an hour.

Watch the official AMS Performance Alpha Omega 7.70 second world record video

Think about the brutal punishment a 2,000-plus horsepower engine takes during a flat-out half-mile run. Imagine the stress on the tiny, 3.8-liter V-6’s block and rotating assembly, the huge cylinder pressures and the hellish heat in the engine and turbo system. The fact that this GT-R was able to make numerous runs during KOTS—while walking away from the competition—is completely amazing in itself.

But after capturing the half-mile KOTS trophy, AMS drove to Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas, and set the GT-R quarter-mile record with a 7.70 at 186.51 mph. Now, quarter-mile racing is completely different from rolling-start half-mile racing. A seven-second car places enormous strain on its driveline and suspension during launch. And if keeping the hard parts together during 1.2-second, 60-foot times isn’t hard enough, imagine how tough it is to get that huge turbo spooled, then keep traction as you pass 60 mph in 1.53 seconds, 100 mph in 2.79 seconds and 186 mph in 7.56 seconds! By the way, the only thing AMS did was swap the half-mile drag radials for 15-inch slicks, and change the tune.

Fellow Revvolutionaries, you are witnessing the best two-sport athlete since Bo Jackson, and quite possibly, the world’s best performance car. And the scary part is that AMS isn’t done wringing out the world’s quickest and fastest GT-R. The record 7.70 run happened in humid, 90-degree heat with a 2,300-foot density altitude. Those are terrible conditions for racing, which means there very well could be another few tenths in her before it’s all said and done.

Congratulations to AMS Performance for building this amazing machine, and to Ivan Phipps for doing his best Colonel John Stapp impression while guiding this rocket ship toward the finish line. May the records and checkered flags continue to fall to Alpha Omega!

Here's the official story that AMS Performance released in conjunction with their record-obliterating video proof:

On the heels of their win at the Texas Speed Syndicate (TSS) Texas Invitational (TI) event, the team at AMS/ALPHA Performance decided to make the most of their 1,000+ mile trip to Texas. The tracks in their home city of Chicago had already starting degrading with the cooler weather upon them. The team decided that the opportunity to run at a well prepped track in Texas might be the last chance they would get to turn their flagship GT-R Omega loose. After a quick phone call to TSS president Amar Sood the team had their chance. Amar made arrangements with Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown Texas on Monday October 6th for the AMS team.

After a 6 hour trip south from Dallas to Baytown the AMS team arrived at Royal Purple Raceway (RPR.) It seemed however that Chicago weather had followed them as two VERY large storms, one from the north and one from the south were set to converge on Baytown. Quickly, the team rushed to unload Omega, swap on the AMS 15” slicks and get set for its first shakedown run.

The track was prepped well. Feeling good, the team set out to make its first full pass. Omega launched and took off. The team sat by the sidelines waiting for the board to light up anything 7.7X to beat the GT-R ET record. Sadly the board did nothing of the sort. A timing system glitch caused the equipment to not record the 1/4 mile time and trap speed. The time slip brought more frustration as all of the other information was recorded. A 1.30 60foot time coupled with the 5.10 in the 1/8th at 149mph had all the makings for a record breaking run.

With the temperature dropping and the storms rolling in quick the AMS team rushed to prepare Omega for one more pass. The RPR staff worked on resetting the timing system so they could get one more pass in before these two massive storms engulfed the track. As Omega pulled to the line the horizon was lit with flashes of lightning and dark ominous clouds. The team knew this would be their only chance. Just as the track officials were ready drops of rain started to fall. Ivan quickly drove Omega down the strip and headed for the track tunnel for cover just before the skies opened up in a torrential downpour of rain, howling wind and cloud to ground lightning. The day was lost…

Sick with wondering what could have been the team opted to extend their stay one more night in the little city of Baytown. Sadly with the storm came the humidity. Stifling air coupled with a scorching sun, 90 degree temps and a DA reading of over 2300' created a none too favorable track.

Still feeling confident that Omega could do what it came to do the team unloaded yet again for one more shot at the record. After a shakedown run the car was ready. Following a quick burnout Ivan crept to the starting beams. The AMS team quietly watched as Omega seemed to make short work of the track. As the car crossed the beam the ¼ mile trap speed seemed to stay on the board for what seemed like an eternity before the numbers 7.700 lit up. They had done it. They had overcome great odds at the TI event and now in the same trip reset the ¼ mile ET record re-establishing Omega as the quickest and fastest R35 GT-R in the world!

More attempts were made with even more power following the 7.700 run. Sadly the exceedingly hot track simply could not hold the additional power thrown at Omega. The team would have to wait for better conditions to unleash the car’s full potential. Even still the Alpha Omega GT-R has some amazing performance specs:

0-60mph1.53 seconds
0-100mph2.79 seconds
100-150mph2.15 seconds
0-300kph (186mph)7.56 seconds

The AMS/ALPHA team fought hard during their time in Texas and all of their goals were realized. Their hard work was not enough though and without the help of their friends and sponsors, none of the past weeks accomplishments would have been possible. AMS would like to proudly thank the following friends and partners for helping to bring Omega back to the top of the mountain:

Matt Owen and Tony Palo of T1 Racing Development
Amar Sood of Texas Speed Syndicate
Dodson Motorsport
The Driveshaft Shop
Injector Dynamics
SPL Parts


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i met alpha in new york over the summer. he's gonna help my dad build a subie

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And still has back seats

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No doubt... all the creature comforts the car came with. Insane