HOLY HELL That's a Lot of Smoke!

Write up by Anthony Alaniz (Anthony_Alaniz). Video by Justin Willoughby.

They say keeping up with the Joneses is one of the great American rituals, a dick-measuring contest of societal proportions. Oh, you bought a boat. I bought one too. Nevertheless, mine is bigger—ha! The cycle of the faux American dream never seems to cease.

They say it is not healthy to measure yourself to the likes of others. That may be true, but in reality, we all do it. We all take a mental note of where we sit in the hierarchy of the world we live in. That is, of course, easily translatable over to the engrossing world of the automobile, where egos are as large as bored and stroked big-block engines.

You add in the fact that everyone is now measuring with a diesel yardstick and egos, booze and tough trucks take the competition to a whole new level.

Diesels have not yet had a chance to fair well in the American market—they’re the redheaded stepchild of automotive engines. It was seen as bratty, obtuse, and just a plain pain in the butt; however, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t gotten its fair share of love over the years. Even the ugliest of creatures finds the occasional mate.

Take this video clip as a prime example of the evolution of the diesel engine. What once started out as anemic, unappealing offerings is now the leading tech in clean and fuel-efficient travel. Though, that has not stopped a number of diesel lovers from turning up the exhaust volume to 11.

The clip shows a diesel engine attached to a chassis performing a 4,000 rpm pull on the dyno. No big deal, right? It is just four grand. But the wheels quickly overpower the dyno, sending out thick, black, sooty smoke in spectacular fashion.

While diesel may be the wave of the future of the automobile, it is going to provide a helluva lot of fun along the way.


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