East Coast Tuners ECT Gumball 2014

ECT Gumball 2014 by Chris Petruccio Auto Storm

Write-up by Robert Sixto. Video by Chris Petruccio Auto Storm / Stancenation.

East Coast Tuners hosted their first Gumball meet in 2013 at an airfield in Danbury, Conn., and the show and turnout were impressive for a first time event. This year they came back in a big way, this time hosting the event at Lime Rock Park, about as great a venue as you could ask for. As those of us in the northern parts of the U.S. can understand, autumn begins to usher in the end of the "car season,” and ECT’s Gumball meet served as a great cap to the car show season. The video in our spotlight provides a fantastic glimpse into what looked like another amazing show put on by the East Coast Tuners crew in the waning days of summer, set to a foggy backdrop. Chris Petruccio has done an expert job with a blend of great edits, sweeping slow motion shots, and all of the usual car video prerequisites. However, really good videos like this one go beyond just those basic X’s and O’s to capture an overall spirit. It’s not an easy thing to do in roughly three minutes, but the clip does a nice job of capturing the excitement of "roll in” at a show, shows an impressive diversity of cars and even better an impressive diversity of people getting together to have a good time. It’s enough to incite the warm and fuzzy, as will the abundance of bagged, stanced cars on palm wide, deep-dish wheels. It is surprising how much a video can convey in three and a half minutes, a credit once again to creator Chris Petruccio’s talent. East Coast Tuners Gumball Meet 2014 looked like a great success. We missed it this year, but really are looking forward to see what they do for 2015.


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