Catching an Outrageously Low, Liberty Walk-ified M3 at Speed

Nasty World Liberty Walk E92 BMW M3 LB Performance

Write up by Rick Jensen (Turboguy). Video by supercolstar.

Liberty Walk has gotten a lot of love on this site lately, and its insanely wide and low project cars are a big reason why. But while it’s always great to see Wataru Kato and crew’s latest big-fender creations, most of the time, we only catch ’em sitting pretty next to stick-like trade show models.

While the Revv team likes us some corn-fed, Midwestern girls, that’s beside the point, we also like seeing Liberty Walk-ed machines in motion, so we can marvel at ride heights that can give ants nad shots, yet still be driven. Alas, our fender fetish was fueled when Nasty World, a German tuning shop, made this E92 action vid in a gritty industrial park.

Okay, first, those iForged rims look like the evil spawn of a ninja throwing star humping a deep-dish pizza pan. Think about it. They also may be the most gorgeous wheels I’ve ever seen, and their massive dish and blade-like spokes complement the fenders perfectly.

Speaking of, how mean does the LB Works M3 Body Kit look on a black E92? Those huge fenders add a few more inches of malice to the already-wide M3, and the carbon fiber mirrors, ultra-low front diffuser and taller rear spoiler really set off the black Beemer’s look.

Then we get to see the mean machine in action, which is fantastic as it gives you an idea of how such a radically modded car works in the real world. The gnarly WOT exhaust note is just as great as the body mods.

And the videographer’s talents really make this piece: he combines still and action shots with an interesting mix of dramatic filters and extreme angles. Check out the ultra-low-facing-up front fender and rim pan shot; so cool. He also switches between bright, blown-out shots and hard shadows, yet perfectly exposes the viewer to the M3’s many details up close. All in all, an amazing tribute to the E92 M3’s brilliance and Liberty Walk’s style.


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