Biggest-Ever 2014 Honda Day at E-Town Swept by Prayoonto Racing

2014 Honda Day at E-Town Swept by Prayoonto Racing

Article by Rick Jensen (Turboguy). Video by runbc.

Honda Day at E-Town is what happens when you combine thousands of NYC-metro JDM lovers, tons of ultra-fast rides and Englishtown’s world-class drag strip. And the 2014 event was a monster.

The August 9-10 race attracted lots of modded street JDMs for the Shootout and Bracket classes, as well as eight- and nine-second SFWD and Pro Stock teams with multiple racers and full pit crews.

Performance parts peddler Brian Crower put together this five-minute highlight video, which is part event highlights, part team info and part parts plugs. But it’s a well-done video, and there are lots of in-car and racing shots of wild JDMs.

First, Outlaw and SFWD pioneer Chris Miller puts on a show in his insane, 1000+ whp Integra. It leaves hard, dusting the guy in the next lane and busting an 8.7 at 175! Any guesses as to who won SFWD?

Next up are a couple of Prayoonto Racing machines: Loan Prayoonto’s high nine-second, DSS Civic, which is powered by a high-strung, 2.6-liter K24 stroker. Loan is a well-seasoned gearbanger with a bunch of wins; good thing, as she got thrown a curveball when her trans failed after a win in the semis. The Prayoonto Racing team thrashed to swap in a good box before the next round, getting it done for her to take top honors in the All Motor class.

And Eric Medina’s ride is the Pro Stock BC 2006 Acura RSX. This tube-chassis machine is powered by a BC K24 stroker displacing 2.6 liters. With 15:1 compression, Prayoonto Stage 6 cams and rods, and an AEM ignition and ECU setup, Medina’s machine has gone as quick as 9.0s. Check out the wild in-car shots of Medina pushing pedals and banging gears en route to low 9s at 148 mph.

After the trophy presentation, the DJs played and the PR team celebrated another impressive showing. That’s Honda Day at E-Town, and it’s pretty damn legit.


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