AMS' Terrifying GT-R Wins Texas Invitational, Runs Record 7.70 Quarter Mile

AMS Performance 2000 HP R35 GTR Wins Texas Invitational October 2014

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The legend of AMS Performance’s wicked Alpha Omega GT-R keeps growing. Fresh off of its 190-mph track day, Alpha Omega mixed it up in the automotive bloodsport that is the Texas Invitational—and emerged as King of the Streets!

Last weekend’s Texas Invitational pits cars with power ratings in the thousands against each other in a rolling-start format. The field was filled with high-powered machines, but Alpha Omega had little trouble cutting through them in the top-tier KOTS event.

The wild GT-R’s conquests included a Supra, two Vipers and three 2,000-horse, twin-turbo Lamborghinis. And it sounds crazy, but only one race was close—the AMS machine versus a 2,000-horse, twin-turbo Lambo. The boosted Italian car’s driver got a nice jump on AMS pilot Ivan Phipps at the tree, but Phipps kept his cool as his aluminum 3.8-liter V-6 quickly built boost. It didn’t take long for the 2,000+ hp Alpha Omega to reach full boost, and it reeled in and passed the exotic just before the finish line. AMS won by about a car length, with the GT-R hitting a huge 201 mph.

After dispatching a blue twin-turbo Viper with a sequential gearbox in the anticlimactic final, you’d think that AMS would want some much-deserved time off to celebrate its King of the Streets win. Nope. The guys drove down to the Baytown drag strip a few days later, and Alpha Omega broke the GT-R quarter-mile record, running an astounding 7.70 at 186 mph! Look for more coverage on this amazing run soon.

"It scared the s*#! out of me,” quipped the blue Viper’s pilot after Alpha Omega hit full boost during the final. I’m guessing the GT-R’s so-called competition is thinking the same thing.


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not to be correcting people but that GTR ISNT A's stroked to. 4.0


They clearly say in the video they're running a 3.8L engine right now.