800-Horsepowered Hyundai Genesis Coming To SEMA 2014 Thanks To Blood Type Racing, Inc.

Hyundai Genesis BTR

Article by Anthony Alaniz (Anthony_Alaniz). Image from Hyundai.

SEMA 2014 is slowly creeping up on us. We know this because tuners, modifiers and manufactures themselves are beginning to release their pre-event material on what wild things they will be bringing to the show. 

Hyundai, which has a large line-up coming to SEMA, has dropped some juicy details on the 2014 Genesis build from Blood Type Racing, Inc. (BTR), a Chicago-based builder. The car will be unveiled in Las Vegas on November 4, and we can’t wait to cover it. 

BTR just didn’t throw a body kit on a ho-hum genesis, but went deep into upgrading and modifying the car, starting with Genesis’ 2.0-liter, turbocharged engine. The four-cylinder mill receives new sleeves, bored to a larger displacement and received a high-boost Precision Turbo turbocharger. The internals were beefed up and a custom intake, intercooler, exhaust system and nitrous injection were also added. 

All these mechanical changes translate over to 800 horsepower at the wheels—nearly 1,000 at the crank. All that power is passed through a six-speed row-your-own transmission. 

Like any SEMA build there is a wicked body kit, the one BTR using on the car coming from Kei Miura from Japan. The front fenders add 40-millimeters of girth, while the rears gain 60 millimeters. There is also a front bumper lip spoiler, rear diffuser and GT wing. 

"Our focus on this vehicle was to build on the impressive performance abilities of the Genesis Coupe and help the growth of the aftermarket tuner community,” said Sam Lee, product manager, BTR, in a press release. "It’s easy to add lots of power to an engine, but we engineered all other aspects of the vehicle—cornering and handling, stopping power, and visual appearance – to complement the massive horsepower we’re now getting from the engine. We’ve engineered a true, total package Genesis Coupe.”

Inside, the Genesis receives Tanabe OLED Revel gauges, Sabelt racing seat, harness and steering wheel, and a Cusco roll cage. The list of modifications made to the car are extensive and borderline exhausting, but create such a unique package that this is a vehicle that will surely garner some attention.
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