229-MPH OB Prestige/Heffner Lambo Breaks Shift-S3ctor Record, Makes Bros Swear

229 MPH Shift-S3ctor Airstrip Attack Record OB Prestige Heffner Performance Twin-Turbo Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera

Article by Rick Jensen (Turboguy). Video by Shmee150.

OB Prestige Auto's 2,000+ horsepower Gallardo Superleggera just dominated Shift-S3ctor's Airstrip Attack 7 (be sure to check out our official coverage) by blasting a scorching 229.1 mph half-mile run (read: soon after this video was published, they set two consecutive passes, each besting this trap speed; more on that later).

The record-breaking pass happened during last Saturday’s Airstrip Attack 7 event, which took place at New Coalinga Municipal Airport in Coalinga, Calif. The trap speed competition combines a drag race start with a 2,640-foot straightaway—a serious torture test of hard launches and extended WOT runs. The entrants vary from domestic sports cars, to supercars and ultracars—but the one common thread is that each vehicle is over-modified and over-engineered to stand up to this brutal race.

Canada-based OB Prestige Auto again teamed up with Heffner Performance in an attempt to beat Stacy Barnett’s previous 224-mph record. Their first-generation 2008 Gallardo, which left the factory making just over 500 horses, is now knocking on the 2,000-horsepower door. Mods include two Tial/Heffner 76 mm turbos, a Heffner air-to-water intercooler, Heffner intake manifold and custom 4-inch exhaust, ported heads and a Motec ECU.

We pick up the action from a camera shooting down the strip at the helm of none other than Tim Burton of Shmee150. The Gallardo’s driver fires the blue chrome monster up, and stages in the left lane. His "competition” for this run is a bad, black GT-R with forged rims and a great-looking rear-wing delete. He wisely waits for the Lambo to launch first.

The Heffner machine revs to the moon and jumps forward in a cloud of engine and tire smoke, the big mill instantly bouncing off of the limiter. The first several gears gone, the Gallardo slides to the left while the brutal acceleration keeps the nose shoved up. As it disappears into the horizon, a bro shouts what we’re all thinking, "Dude, that car is fucking insane!”

With the combination of dust and an Italian supercar going away really, really fast, the video then cuts into two new camera angles: one from the side of the starting line, the other farther away and through a long lens. Here, we see the monumental struggle between tires and track, the unholy union of high revs and boost, and the mighty battle between acceleration and drag. When the Lambo whistles through the traps, an officiating bro exclaims "Holy shit, 229!” Our thoughts exactly. Congrats to Heffner Performance and OB Prestige Auto for their amazing achievement! Stay tuned for the full feature on both Heffner/OB Prestige builds coming soon.


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