$11 Million Worth Of McLaren P1s Race, Rev and Don’t Wreck at Spa

Ten McLaren P1's at the Track SPA

Article by Rick Jensen. Video by cvdzijden.

What’s the best part of a P1 at Spa video? Is it the 10 or so McLaren P1s, the ultra high-tech hypercars that command a cool $1.15 million each? Nah. Is it the daunting, undulating monster of a road course in Belgium called Spa Francorchamps? Nope. Is it that none of these ham-fisted rich dudes wrecked their P1s through Eau Rouge? Pretty much.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no Wi-Fi connection, you know that the P1 is probably the best street legal vehicle ever created. And that’s high praise considering its predecessor, the mid-1990s McLaren F1.

When the F1 bowed in 1992, many thought that it was a high water mark that could never be surpassed. But the new P1 absolutely smokes the old F1, and its pioneering hybrid system is largely to thank: its twin-turbo, V-8 puts out 727 horses, its electric motor, 126. That adds up to a 903-horsepower, hybrid powertrain that lets the P1 lay down some serious numbers. The 0-60 sprint comes at 2.8 seconds, which is nearly half a second faster than the F1, and its 0-186 mph blast is an insane 5.5 seconds faster.

Combine that mind-numbing performance with the P1’s ultra-low production of 375 cars and the chances of seeing one in the wild is like bumping into a unicorn at the local Sunoco. And that makes seeing this video of 10 P1s on legendary Spa Francorchamps like Kate Upton asking you out while riding a unicorn at the local Sunoco. It could happen, right?

This vid starts with a rainbow of differently colored P1s leaving the pits and heading for the starting line. Once off, we’re treated to numerous laps, with many views of Spa’s famous corners. There must be driving instructors on board, because somehow, each driver carefully hits his apexes and accelerates smoothly. The sounds emanating from the massive exhaust pipes are a magical mix of high revs and muffled turbos. And how great are the flashing brake lights? But the best part? There’s a little tail-wagging through tight corners, but no noticeable carnage. I’d thank each of you for being conservative, but… you know… you drive a McLaren P1!


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