You Spin My Head Right Round: An Awesome Save

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Video courtesy of Nexgen Motorsport.

Car control is key in a race. Precision, high-speed maneuvers are paramount to success. Car control while violently spinning on the main straight of Road Atlanta—well, that takes some big cojones. During the 2014 NASA Spec Z Championship at Road Atlanta, some minor contact threw one driver into a spin as he entered the main straightaway at the track, spinning toward the wall and almost clipping the car directly behind him.

The driver recovers, just for a moment, right in the middle of the track at a greatly reduced speed. He tries to accelerate, but his tires cannot gain traction, sending him into the dirt and causing another spin; this time, narrowly avoiding the wall. We can’t see the driver’s face, but it is safe to say he is probably smiling wildly to himself as he just cheated the track gods.
While the driver may have been in a tizzy, imagine all the drivers behind him. Seeing him spinning not once but twice without crashing. They're all buying him a round after the checkered flag drops. It is surprising no one ran into him with all the dirt and debris flying around.
Either way, hats off to the driver for not only saving the car while in a spin, but continuing gracefully off into the sunset—or we so like to believe.


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