Vorsteiner McLaren MP4-12C

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Images from Vorsteiner Website.

Unlike the kit available for the Aventador-V, Vorsteiner’s McLaren kit is much more subdued in presence. It’s first commercial offering since the legendary McLaren F1, the British automaker has stunned the supercar world with 12C. Vorsteiner is known for its carbon-fiber body kits and great styling. Branded as the McLaren MP4-VX, the body kits add various carbon bits to the car’s already great styling.

The large, carbon back wing accents the car’s slick and voluptuous styling. Hand crafted, the wing actively works in aiding in aerodynamics and braking, adjusting to 32 degrees for enhanced downforce and up to 69 degrees under hard braking to assist in stopping the fast machine. 

Because the 12C has been well sculptured by McLaren engineers, the front bumper appliqué is to assist in styling without compromising quality, performance or aesthetics. These additions take the car one step closer to being a race car for the road. 

Along the bottom of the car, Vorsteiner offers carbon side-sill extension blades. This gives the side profile of the car a very distinct look. The carbon fiber is made with superior stiffness, aerospace strength and durability when compared to other carbon composites. 

Out back, the rear diffuser on the bumper is made to aid in performance, not just to look good. The piece is engineered to stabilize the car at high speeds thanks to the additional downforce provided by the other carbon bits. 

Where the Aventador-V from Vorsteiner takes the aesthetics to a whole new level, the kit for the MP4-VX is more subdued and understated, while still offering great performance. 

Check out the Vorsteiner Aventador-V here.


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