Toss Your Turbos: Cutting-Edge Turbo Tech Spotted!

New Breed of Turbocharging Technology

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Have you heard? An all-new type of turbocharger technology has just been released, and this thing puts even the revolutionary, self-contained Aerocharger turbos to shame. So throw your POS name-brand turbos in the trash right frickin’ now, and prepare to be enlightened.

But before you see the finished masterpiece, you need to see how it’s built. Because building turbos is serious work, it should be done by a serious guy like this one. He’s a hard workin’, all ’Murican dude who spends his honest paycheck on rawkin’ tats, lots of menthols and a badass, triple-turbocharged sport bike. He works in a dimly lit room, bathed in cold fluorescents and humming with the sound of CNC machines. There’s a 1970s tool calendar somewhere, with a model rubbing a 1970s car with her 1970s boobs. Both are longer than you remember.

Anyway, those CNC machines have flickering digital readouts, because they’re high tech, and they’re covered in metal shavings and grime. And the machines precision-mill the compressor and exhaust housings under the Dude’s caffeine-addled eyes. He carries the massive compressor cover with a purposeful strut, then the progress scene continues with a hot heating, welding and grinding montage.

At long last, the compressor cover is installed over the assembled compressor wheel, and the turbo—which is now mounted onto a stand, mind you—begins to spin on its own volition. Soon the air fills with the squeak scream of a spooling turbocharger being peddled hard… this is some straight black magic!

And well, I won’t ruin the ending for you, but forget everything you’ve ever learned about turbocharging. It’s a brand new day.


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