This is America: NHRA Slow Motion Auto Club Finals Drag Racing

NHRA Slow Motion Mello Yello Drag Racing

Write-up by Corey Davis. Video by NHRA.

Don't blink, or you'll miss it. These are words to live by at any high-speed racing event. And this mantra isn't truer than in the world of NHRA Drag Racing where competitions are separated by mere milliseconds. In this latest "best of the best" slow motion video, the NHRA captures the rare and short-lived moments that exist in every NHRA Auto Club event. As this year's Mello Yello Drag Racing season comes to an end, they celebrate 50 years of Auto Club Finals. Homage is paid to the lesser known nuances that are a part of each and every race.

As small as they may be, the only real way to truly appreciate the engineering feats of horsepower and technology that teams and manufacturers have made in auto racing is to slow down each one and take them all in, frame by frame. As high-speed cameras continue to progress and improve, so does the amount of detail they are capable of capturing. In this ridiculously cool slow-motion video, you can see individual droplets of un-burnt fuel travel through the air seemingly in zero gravity, smoky burnouts flinging molten tire around, slicks twisting, turning and folding over themselves under massive amounts of torque, and quaking body panels that look like rubber. Normally these chaotic events only last a fraction of a second, but being able to view them in such detail at slower speeds shows another world of this motorsport that often goes unseen.


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