T1 GT-R: Insane Dyno Numbers

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Video courtesy of T1 Race Development.

We’ve been following T1 Race Development’s 2000-horsepower R35 GT-R for some time now. Purpose built to Godzilla-smash quarter- and half-mile ETs and mile-per-hour records, T1’s GT-R just laid down some massive dyno numbers, which are beautifully highlighted in a new video produced and edited by our own Stuart Leiby of T1.

The new dyno numbers are thanks to a new Mainline 4,000-horsepower hub dyno in the garage. Currently, the GT-R holds the half-mile ET world record on less power than what was recorded on the dyno after just a few pulls.

The first pull came in at 1625 horsepower and 1085 lb-ft of torque. Total weak sauce.

The second pull showed 1726 horsepower and 1162 lb-ft of torque. Better, but still?

The third pull in the video rings in at 1837.8 horsepower and 1186 lb-ft of torque.

Over 200 horsepower increase in just a few dyno pulls. That is called progress.

The current horsepower rating is thanks, in part, to an AMS Performance Alpha 20 Turbo kit along with some of their own parts. Comments on social media are going crazy with praise and disbelief, and of course typical Internet sarcasm.

Chris Delgado Tony wrote in the comments of the video post, ".. the title said 2000HP… You tricked me into watching an 1800hp pull . Needz moar nawwz.” In good, social media etiquette, T1 responded, "Pretty safe to say the motor is making 2,000 if it's putting 1,837 to the tire!”

Danny Farias wrote, "Jesus Christ....T1 will this be a production package for clients?” Everything T1 has used on their GT-R build is available to the customer—you can totally do-it-yourself.

Ben DiSabatino added his two cents by writing "Got my vote for the most properly built GTR on the planet, I always thought the number of the AMS kit was revenant to the whp and not the crank hp though.”

With these latest dyno numbers, the race for the fastest GR-R continues. This is just another salvo against other GT-R modifiers, like Extreme Turbo Systems, to watch out, T1 is gunning for them.

Clearly the motor is producing the advertised 2,000 horsepower. It will be great to watch how high that power figure goes before they are all said and done.


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