SEMA 2014 Preview: Liberty Walk Nails the Aventador

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Images by Liberty Walk LB Performance.

Liberty Walk, the tuner that has brought classic Japanese heritage and styling to today’s supercars, is setting its sights on another Italian automaker’s top performer—the Lamborghini Aventador.

After proving it has the ability to add bold styling to the already salacious looking Ferrari 458 and 458 Challenge, respectively, we are excited to see what they can do with the Aventador, and we have high hopes after seeing what they have done in the past.

The company has modified Lamborghinis before, doing a helluva job on the body lines for the Lamborghini Murciélago. Granted, it could very well be the wide, riveted fenders and brushed aluminum look of the car that is making us drool, but we doubt that.

There is a certain level of coherence when looking at a Liberty Walk product, regardless if it is a Lamborghini or Nissan GT-R—the consistent quality and artisanship is unmistakable and unmatched.

The folks who create these pieces and fenders and other bits have an eye to incorporate the lines of the car into their body kit to make the additions look natural, almost OEM on the car.

Liberty Walk has the ornate ability to preserve a unique heritage of Japanese automotive culture in today’s top performing cars that not only make them harken back to the do-it-yourself days of yesteryear, but lets owners know they are getting a high-quality piece of work.

For the Aventador kit, which will be unveiled at the upcoming 2014 Las Vegas SEMA Show, the body kit and fenders should easily accentuate the Italian’s crisp lines and angular stance.

Already the company has a less audacious body kit available for the supercar, which is just a front bumper and diffuser, rear diffuser and wing, and side diffuser, but it gives the car a more nuanced look.

Ultimately, Liberty Walk’s styling differentiates itself from other modifiers from the competition. The Aventador, which we cannot see soon enough, will further display the greatness that the company is doing.

While Ferrari, Lamborghini and even Nissan have drastically different design languages, a Liberty Walk body kit ties them together in a misfit family of supercars that other companies struggle to do with their kits because their offerings are oftentimes generic in their styling.

Living the modified lifestyle is about self-expression, and Liberty Walk is a paradigm of such a lifestyle.



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