School Bus Shoots Flames, Does Wheelie Down Drag Strip

Cool Bus School Bus Wheelie on Drag Strip

Write up by Anthony Alaniz.


That would be the first word that comes to mind when watching the video of a heavily modified school bus rocketing down the drag strip, front wheels pawing at the air as flames and sparks shoot out from various orifices.

The second word that comes to mind is why.

In the world of automotive fanaticism, why really isn’t a question that needs answered—and one many of us couldn’t answer without sounding a little crazy.

The driver of this yellow bus probably had a few spare parts lying around, a gutted bus and thought he would clean up his front yard by putting it all together.

The back of the bus was cut open, exposing the large motor and flame-spitting exhaust system, which is totally safe for students.

While this was probably some pre-show to a larger event, these things are cool. It gets kids excited about all things automotive, and ultimately that is what we enthusiasts should really want.

Is it gimmicky? A little bit. However, honestly, deep down, each one of us would hop right in for a ride. It may not be the fastest bus around—I’m sure there are a few that are jet powered racing around—but it is something fun, something to smile at.


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