Roush Yates Engines: Raiders of the Lost Ark on Race-Fuel Steroids

Ford Racing Roush Yates Engines NASCAR Engine Builds

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Video from Ford Racing.

NASCAR gets a bad rap for being a backwoods, sister-loving sport for perpetual alcoholics and people missing at least three teeth—it’s a requirement for being a fan of the sport. People complain that all the drivers do is make left turn after left turn—which is true.

The motorsport is often compared with the intricacies and complexities of Formula 1 racing, which is not a fair comparison. F1 is seen as some kind of technological marvel that is superior to the boys in the pits at Talladega.

This new video from Ford Racing and Roush Yates Engines shows that there is more to building NASCAR engines than just cramming something between the fake fenders of something that sorta, but not really, resembles a Toyota Camry.

Around 200 people design, develop, manufacture and assemble the high-powered race engines; the video showing engine work at various stages. This isn’t some down-and-dirty garage, but a state-of-the-art facility. This isn’t your grandpa’s NASCAR.

"When it comes to building engines, there is no room for error,” said Doug Yates, CEO of Roush Yates Engines, during the video.

One of the coolest shots was of an Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark Hanger 51-like room, where there were just massive V-8 engine after massive V-8 engine. It seemed endless—and like the Ark, we want one.

While NASCAR will always get a bad rap, probably even after including wet-weather racing during road courses next year, there is no doubt that the amount of engineering expertise going into these vehicles is monumental. Sit back, enjoy the engine porn and try to figure out how to get one into your ’93 Miata.


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