RECOIL 2: Tearing Through Ensenada In a 850-HP Trophy Truck

Monster Energy Recoil 2

Article by Rick Jensen. Video by Monster Energy.

Last April, Monster Energy harnessed B.J. Baldwin and his 850-hp Trophy Truck for nearly seven minutes of off-road insanity called RECOIL. There was fast music, dramatic, slo-mo video, burnouts, powerslides, spins, jumps and other off-road skullduggery. And there was a hot chick in a little black dress and heels pushing a GT-R to the limit, after which B.J.’s machine goes airborne over her and the Nissan clearing them by a good 5 feet. That was definitely the high point.

Now, watching B.J. and a babe blast through the Mojave at a buck fifty was pretty cool. But RECOIL’s storyline—from throwing dirt on the car/model photo shoot in the middle of nowhere, to watching the hot chick, now in a full race suit and helmet, enjoying herself immensely in an insanely loud race truck at full bumpy tilt—was a bit too disjointed and farfetched for even me. And I’m completely detached from any sort of reality.

Monster Energy Recoil 2 Jump Air Monster Truck

Well, if you too are a discerning car video enthusiast who likes your jumps big, your stunts dangerous and your fantasy storylines halfway believable, you’ve gotta check out the just-released RECOIL 2. Any sequel worth its salt has to be bigger and better, and Monster and production company Logan & Sons turned this one up to 11. There are more babes (this time in bikinis, natch), a helicopter with a headset-wearing dog and a storyline that centers around Ensenada, Mexico—where the rugged Baja 1000 kicks off. But RECOIL 2 excels by turning large swaths of this coastal city into B.J.’s personal precise racecourse—think Ken Block’s Gymkhana Five in San Fran, with gnarlier jumps and bigger tires.

As the copter touches down, Dan "Blitz” Bilzerian lays down the gauntlet to Baldwin: in short, go from the city limits to the beach very, very quickly. "Remember the bet. You’ve only got 20 minutes. See you on the beach,” Blitz says. B.J. goes thumbs up, the babes say "BYE B.J.!” And the high-powered Trophy Truck starts rumbling through the Mexican desert.

Monster Energy Recoil 2 Jump Air Monster Truck 2

As the dusty trails and tunnels give way to hilly town roads, you’re treated to amazing camera work: Baldwin’s truck is shot from every angle, including aerial and roofs, chassis-up, and a shock absorber cam mid-jump. Look for the awesomely framed slow-motion jump sequences, and a perfect, near 180-degree pan from the cabin of a derelict Bug. Baldwin’s razor-edge control through narrow streets and down sketchy jumps would be tense enough, but everywhere you look are gawking locals, which really puts you on your seat’s edge.

As the chopper lands on the beach and the babes start bouncing around, Baldwin is on a crash course toward them as the clock counts down. Which leads up to one of the coolest ending sequences I’ve ever seen. FYI, no bikini babes were hurt while filming this… but whatever their union rate was for this, it clearly wasn’t enough. RECOIL 2 is flat fantastic, and as the surfer tunes wail, the only question that remains is how can Baldwin and Monster Energy possibly top this?


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