Rally BMW Launches 150 Plus Feet into Nasty Drift

Rally BMW Launches 150 Plus Feet into Air off Jump at Viru Rally

Write-up by Anthony Alaniz.

Rally car racing is one of the most exciting and interesting forms of motorsports today. Fans are dangerously close to the action, while cars that are more typically found in the grocery parking lot are modified to high-horsepower insanity.

BMWs, Fords and Renaults all have some rallying pedigree. The sport offers a wide variety of locales and backdrops around the world, from mountain passes to tree-lined dirt roads. Some events are even held on specially designed courses that make for some great excitement.

Take this short clip shot from Viru Rally 2014. It is only seven seconds long. What it lacks in length it makes up for in stamina—read: you can watch it over and over and still be amazed.

The short clip opens with a BMW already rocketing several feet above the race course, cresting a hill. The car’s nose begins to dive, appearing to travel over 150 feet before making a very gruesome landing.

From the sound the car makes upon landing, it would be easy to believe the car is trashed. Wrecked. Load it onto the trailer and call it a day. A second after landing, you see the Bimmer disappear into a cloud of dust and it heads right into a drift around the following corner as if to say, "That? That was nothing.”

As the clip ends, the car vanishes over another crest and continues on its way. It’s not known if, or to what extent, any damage occurred, but the landing was certainly rough.

Rallying is fun. This short clip exemplifies that.


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