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In the world of Nissan’s GT-Rs, there is always a need for more power. The package Nissan sells out of the box is unlike anything the world has really seen before. It is a twin-turbocharged, V-6, all-wheel-drive behemoth in the automotive world—Godzilla, as so many have christened it.

As soon as the GT-R showed up on dealership lots—and every example afterwards was faster—enthusiasts living the modified lifestyle jumped at the opportunity to take the GT-R to the next level.

T1 Race Development Texas Invitational Alpha 20 Build

One such tuner, T1 Race Development is building a 2000-horsepower GT-R for the sole purpose of breaking quarter- and half-mile ETs and the mile-per-hour records. But that is just the current horsepower, thanks to an AMS Performance Alpha 20 turbo kit mixed in with some of their own parts.

The gentlemen at T1 are known for some crazy builds, like their twin-turbocharged LS-swapped Lexus IS300. Over a thousand horsepower was attainable, so these people know what they are doing in the power department.

If you head over to their site, you’ll see T1 has a slew of happy modified R35 GT-R customers. They are wrenching on eight to 10 projects a day, and a list of some of their builds shows that they have done over 15 GT-Rs that turn heads, even in the GT-R scene.

The company is also a mainstay at TX2K and Texas Invitational—which is invite only, bringing their builds for show and testing. Currently T1 holds the ET world record for all platforms in the 1/2 mile. That's quite the statement.

This 2000-horsepower GT-R is being built for one purpose: speed. Our contact over with T1 has passed on some details as the build comes closer to completion.

T1 Race Development GT1R 2000hp GT-R Build Progress Front Intercooler and Race-spec Radiator Twin-Turbo Supporting Components

Naked, the working bits of the R35 upfront look mad. A custom-fabricated water-to-air intercooler dominates the facia. This custom setup uses four 1,000 hp Garrett cores. That's right—four. It’s a work of beauty, and a shame that it will be covered up.

T1 Race Development GT1R 2000hp GT-R Build Progress 15

Smaller rear Wilwood brakes are slapped on to allow for larger, meatier tires. By reducing the overall diameter of the rear brakes, it allows for smaller diameter wheels. Smaller diameter wheels equals larger tire sidewall. Can't go wrong with more traction.

T1 Race Development GT1R 2000hp GT-R Build Progress Functional Carbon-Fiber Wing

T1 Race Development GT1R 2000hp GT-R Build Progress Functional Carbon-Fiber Wing 2

A functional carbon-fiber wing is being finalized for the hunt for top speed.

T1 Race Development GT1R 2000hp GT-R Build Progress Interior Motech and Carbon-Fiber

Inside, it is all Motec and other carbon refinements. A full race-spec roll cage built in-house by T1 adds a nice safety margin; a welcomed additional at 200+ mph runs. A custom mounted C125 Motec display, Tillett Carbon Race Seat, and a custom T1-spec steering wheel are just a few of the purpose-built modifications. The interior of the stock GT-R is already awesome—this only makes it better.

With their addictive presence at the Texas Invitational, with the next event happening this October, it will be interesting to see if T1 can deliver on what it is promising. There are numerous tuners looking to capture records with their own GT-Rs, the likes we hope to see come October.

With 2000 horsepower already available, it is likely they will pickup all the records they want to win (at least within their respective class). It will be interesting to see if, by the time the event rolls around, how much horsepower is pumping out of that car. Only time will tell.


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