New Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio We May Never See

Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio To be Delivered in Limited Run

Article by Anthony Alaniz. Images/Renderings by Ferrari.

Ferrari is a company known for exclusivity and wringing their customers out of more money with every special edition they release. With the current batch of Italian supercars apparently looking a little long in the tooth, Autoblog has let slip that a production version of the Pininfarina Sergio is coming—in limited, Ferrari-like quantities.

First breaking cover at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, the Sergio is going to be in the hands of a few special owners.

The concept was based on a heavily modified 458 Spider lacking such things as a roof, windshield, any sort of glass and any amount of common sense. The car was designed to honor the late Sergio Pininfarina. Since it was first seen, the car has received a few, albeit minor, changes.

When going into production, almost every concept car loses a bit of its flair, and this new car is no different. While the concept was wickedly wild in design, the production version will have a somewhat more proper windscreen as well as some side glass. The seats inside look more like typical Ferrari than the ones found in the concept, however, the wheels look similar to the ones on the car.

"This extreme limited and exclusive series," said spokesman Matteo Torre exclusively to Autoblog, "celebrates 60 years of collaboration between Ferrari and Pininfarina." Ferrari confirmed that six examples are being built for private customers—none of which are us.

When the six examples will reach customers’ hands hasn’t been confirmed by the automaker, as have some images floating around online that could just be speculation into the final design.

We may never even see this car. The six future owners will whisk these away to their secret vaults, because to have one of six examples of a Ferrari puts you in super-villain status, to be sold in 50 years at a considerable profit.

Pininfarina and Ferrari have worked closely together to create some of the most beautiful Ferraris ever created. It is quite the honor to have a car made to symbolize that partnership.



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